List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Academic Area Contact
Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Lily Banh
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Amanda Besch
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Courtney Lozano

* The co-authors are not listed in the same priority sequence as they are listed in the journals.

Dorothee Honhon

The Value of Accounting for Demand Seasonality in Retail Inventory Management, European Journal of Operational Research, 2014
Co-Authors: Ehrenthal and Van Woensel

Fixed versus Random Proportions Demand Models for Assortment Planning, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2013
Co-Authors: Seshadri

The Time-Dependent Pollution-Routing Problem, Transportation Research Part B, 2013
Co-Authors: Franceschetti, van Woensel, Bektas and Laporte

A Multi-Supplier Sourcing Problem with a Preference Ordering of Suppliers, Production and Operations Management, 2012
Co-Authors: Gaur and Seshadri

Assortment planning with vertically differentiated products, Production and Operations Management, 2012
Co-Authors: Pan

Learning Consumer Tastes through Dynamic Assortments, Operations Research, 2012
Co-Authors: Ulu and Alptekinoglu

Optimal Algorithms for Assortment Selection under Ranking-based Consumer Choice Models, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2012
Co-Authors: Jonnalagedda and Pan

Assortment Planning and Inventory Decisions under stock-out based substitution, Operations Research, 2010
Co-Authors: Gaur and Seshadri

Admission control with incomplete information to a finite buffer queue, Probability in the Engineering and the Information Sciences, 2007
Co-Authors: Seshadri

Assortment Planning and Inventory Decisions Under a Locational Consumer Choice Model, Management Science, 2006
Co-Authors: Gaur