List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Beverly Young
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Anna Fox
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Jennifer Budd

David Ford Jr

Leadership and motivation in Africa and the African Diaspora: Summary and Epilogue, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 2014
with Miller, C. D.

Effective leadership and motivation in the African Diaspora: The Case of the United States and Canada, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 2014
with Galprin, B., Lituchy, T., Acquaah, M., Bewaji, T.

Do race and gender matter within the context of organizational culture change? An American case study of assessing identity group consensus in organizational culture perceptions., NMIMS Management Review, 2014

Work family conflict and organizationally valued outcomes: The moderating role of decision latitude in five national contexts, Applied Psychology: An International Review, 2014
with Billing, T., Bhagat, R. S., Babakus, E., Krishnan, B. & Srivastava, B. N.

Leadership in Uganda, Barbados, Canada, and the United States: Exploratory Perspectives, African Journal of Economic and Management Studies, 2013
with Lituchy, T. & Punnett, B. J.

Managerial ties, strategic initiatives, and firm performance in Central Asia and the Caucasus, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2013
with Ismail, K. M., Wu, Q., & Peng, M.

Green management and related concepts: An interpretative SYMLOG analysis, International Journal of Sustainability Policy and Practice, 2013
with Whaley, G. & Perry, K.

Examining collegiality and social justice in academia and the private sector: An exploratory SYMLOG Analysis, NMIMS Management Review, 2012
with Whaley, G.

Boundary conditions for turnover intentions: Exploratory evidence from China, Jordan, Turkey, and the United States, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2012
with Chen, H., Kalyanaram, G., & Bhagat, R.

Cooperation across cultures: A 16 country review of the concept, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 2012
with Leonard, K. M., Cosans, C., Padkil, F., & Country Collaborators

Organizational stress, psychological strain, and work outcomes in six national contexts, Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 2010
with Bhagat, R., Krishnan, B., Nelson, T., Leonard, K., & Billing, T.

Organizational leadership in Central Asia and the Caucasus: Research considerations and directions, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2010
with Ismail, K.

Network building behaviors of U.S. and central Eurasian leaders: Role of institutional background and individual factors, Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics, 2010
with Ismail, K. & Richard, O.

Exogenous determinants of internatioinal corporate tax rates: A gravity theory approach, Journal of International Management Studies, 2010
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with Ismail, K. M.

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with Whaley, G. L.

Mapping identity group perceptions of organizational opportunity structure outcomes: An exploratory SYMLOG analysis, Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2007
with Whaley, G. L.

Exploring the performance effects of visible attribute diversity: The moderating role of span of control and organizational life cycle, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2006
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Perceptions of effective leadership among Central Eurasian managers: A cultural convergence – divergence examination within a globalization context, Journal of International Management (Special Issue on Mega-trends in World Cultures and Globalization), 2006
with Ismail, K.

The digital divide and workforce diversity in the international context: A commentary, Applied Psychology: An International Review, 2003
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Seeking greener pastures: A theoretical and empirical investigation into the migration of foreign direct investment flows in response to institutional and strategic factors, International Business Review, 2002
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Knowledge management in global organizations: Implications for international human resource management, Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, 2002
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Do South African managers cope differently from American managers? A cross- cultural investigation, International Journal of Inter-Cultural Relations, 2001
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Facets of work support and employee work outcomes: An exploratory analysis, Journal of Management, 1985

ets of work support and employee outcomes: An exploratory analysis., Journal of Management, 1985

Stress experiences of black women in management., Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 1984

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