List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Beverly Young
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Anna Fox
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Jennifer Budd

Brian Ratchford

Price-Matching Guarantee with Endogenous Consumer Search, Management Science, 2016
with Juncai Jiang and Nanda Kumar

Consumer Spending Patterns across Firms and Categories: Application to the Size and Share of Wallet, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2016
with Sungha Jang and Ashutosh Prasad

Interactive Marketing: Present and Future, Academy of Asian Business Review, 2015

A Descriptive Analysis of Publications in Marketing Science over its History, Marketing Science, 2015
with B.P.S. Murthi and Ram Rao

Offline and Online Search in Used Durables Markets, Journal of Retailing, 2014
with Sonika Singh and Ashutosh Prasad

Pure Components versus Pure Bundling in a Marketing Channel, Journal of Retailing, 2013
with Marina Girju, Ashutosh Prasad

Why We Do What We Do? A Model of Activity Consumption, Journal of Marketing Research, 2013
with Lan Luo and Botao Yang

A Bayesian Multivariate Probit for Ordinal Data with Semiparametric Random-effects, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 2013
with Jung Seek Kim

Suggestions for Further Research on NLEA and Other Disclosure Laws, Marketing Science, 2012

How Consumers Use Product Reviews in the Purchase Decision Process, Marketing Letters, 2012
with Sungha Jang, Ashutosh Prasad

The Impact of Online and Offline Information Sources on Automobile Choice Behavior, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2012
with Gauri Kulkarni and P.K. Kannan

Internationalization and Performance of Retail Firms: A Bayesian Dynamic Model, Journal of Retailing, 2012
with Albert Assaf, Alexander Josiassen, and Carlos Pestana Barros

Consumer Choice and Use of Multiple Information Sources for Automobile Purchases, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 2012
with Jung Seek Kim

Consideration Set of Automobiles: Purchase Feedback and Exclusivity Information, Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 2011
with Jung Seek Kim

Analysis of Free Gift Cards Program Effectiveness, Journal of Retailing, 2011
with Moutaz Khouja, Jingming Pan, Jing Zhou

Solving Share Equations in Logit Models Using the LambertW Function, Review of Marketing Science, 2011
with Ashwin Aravindakshan

Behavioral Research and Empirical Modeling of Marketing Channels: Implications for both Fields and a Call for Future Research, Marketing Letters, 2010
with Robert J. Meyer, Joachim Vosgerau, Vishal Singh, Joel E. Urbany, Gal Zauberman, Michael I. Norton, Tony H. Cui, Alessandro Acquisti, David R. Bell, Barbara E. Kahn

DemoImpact: Modeling, Forecasting and Managing the Impact of Major US Socio-demographic trends on Multi-Category Snack Consumption, Review of Marketing Science, 2010
with Marina Girju, Michelle Adams

Strategic Online and Offline Retail Pricing: A Review and Research Agenda, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2010
with Dhruv Grewal, Ramkumar Janakiraman, Kirthi Kalyanam, P.K. Kannan, Reo Song and Stephen Tolerico

Consumer Search Behavior and Its Effect on Markets, Foundations and Trends® in Marketing, 2009

Retailer Pricing and Competitive Effects, Journal of Retailing, 2009
with Praveen Kopalle, Dipayan Biswas, Pradeep K. Chintagunta, Jia Fan, Koen Pauwels, and Jim Sills

Online Pricing: Review and Directions for Research, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2009

Commentaries and Rejoinder to , Journal of Marketing Research, 2009

Marketing of Digital Products: Product Form Bundling, Journal of Retailing, 2008
with Nevena T. Koukova, P. K. Kannan

Incorporating Subjective Characteristics in Product Design and Evaluations, Journal of Marketing Research, 2008
with Lan Luo, P.K. Kannan

New Product Development under Channel Acceptance, Marketing Science, 2007
with Lan Luo, P.K. Kannan

The Impact of the Internet on Consumers’ Use of Information Sources for Automobiles, Journal of Consumer Research, 2007
with Debabrata Talukdar and Myung Soo Lee

Optimal Response to a Next Generation New Product Introduction: To Imitate or to Leapfrog?, Managerial and Decision Economics, 2006
with D. Sudharshan, Ben Liu

Chan4Cast: A Multi-Channel Multi-Region Sales Forecasting Model and Decision Support System for Consumer Packaged Goods at Pepsico, Marketing Science, 2005
with Suresh Divakar, and Venkatesh Shankar

Price Dispersion on the Internet: A Review and Directions for Future Research, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2004
with Xing Pan, and Venkatesh Shankar

A Model of Retail Format Competition for Non-durable Goods, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2004
with Amit Bhatnagar

On the Efficiency of Internet Markets for Consumer Goods, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 2003
with Xing Pan and Venkatesh Shankar

Has the Labor Productivity of Retail Food Stores Really Declined?, Journal of Retailing, 2003

The Impact of the Internet on Information Search for Automobiles, Journal of Marketing Research, 2003
with Myung Soo Lee and Debarbrata Talukdar

Can Price Dispersion in Online Markets be Explained by Differences in e-Tailer Service Quality?, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2002
with Xing Pan, and Venkatesh Shankar

A Model of Consumer Choice of the Internet as an Information Source, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 2001
with Debabrata Talukdar and Myung Soo Lee

The Economics of Consumer Knowledge, Journal of Consumer Research, 2001

Introduction to the Special Section on Economic Perpectives, Journal of Retailing, 1998

A Model of Search Behavior with an Application to Grocery Shopping, Journal of Retailing, 1997
with Sanjay Putrevu

Consumer Information Search Revisited: Theory and Empirical Analysis, Journal of Consumer Research, 1997
with K. Sridhar Moorthy, and Debabrata Talukdar

Productivity Assessment of Multiple Retail Outlets, Journal of Retailing, 1996
with Wagner A. Kamakura, Tomasz Lenartowicz

Toward Understanding the Measurement of Market Efficiency, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 1996
with Jagdish Agrawal, Pamela Grimm, Narasimhan Srinivasan

Product Knowledge as a Moderator of the Relationship between Attitudes and Purchase Intentions for a Durable Product, Journal of Economic Psychology, 1994
with Ida E. Berger, and George H. Haines, Jr.

An Empirical Investigation of Returns to Search, Marketing Science, 1993
with Narasimhan Srinivasan

On Estimating Market Efficiency, Journal of Consumer Policy, 1992
with Pola Gupta

Estimating the Efficiency of Consumer Choices of New Automobiles, Journal of Economic Psychology, 1992
with Pola Gupta

Incorporating Choice Dynamics in Models of Consumer Behavior, Marketing Letters, 1991
with • Leigh McAlister, Rajendra Srivastava, Joel Horwitz, Morgan Jones, Wagner Kamakura, Jack Kulchitsky, Gary Russel, Freena Sultan, Tetsuo Yai, Doyle Weiss, Russ Winer

An Econometric Model of a Retail Firm, Managerial and Decision Economics, 1991
with Glenn T. Stoops

On Identifying and Measuring the Factors Contributing to Brand Equity, Canadian Journal of Marketing Research, 1991
with Ron Smith

An Empirical Test of A Model of External Search for Automobiles, Journal of Consumer Research, 1991
with Narasimhan Srinivasan

On the Interpretation of the Price-Quality Relationship, Journal of Consumer Policy, 1990
with Pola Gupta

Commentary: Marketing Applications of the Economics of Product Variety, Marketing Science, 1990

A Model and Measurement Approach for Studying Retail Productivity, Journal of Retailing, 1988
with Glenn T. Stoops

Measuring Market Efficiency and Welfare Loss, Journal of Consumer Research, 1988
with Wagner A. Kamakura and Jagdish Agrawal

A Theory of How Intransitive Consumers Make Decisions, Journal of Economic Psychology, 1987
with George H. Haines, Jr

New Insights About the FCB Grid, Journal of Advertising Research, 1987

A Study of Productivity Changes in Food Retailing, Marketing Science, 1985
with James R. Brown

The Individual Welfare Function: A Comment, Journal of Economic Psychology, 1985

Estimating Demand Functions for Product Characteristics: Reply, Journal of Consumer Research, 1982
with Manoj K. Agarwal

Cost Benefit Models for Explaining Consumer Choice and Information Seeking Behavior, Management Science, 1982

Estimating Demand Functions for Product Characteristics: The Case of Automobiles, Journal of Consumer Research, 1980
with Manoj K. Agarwal

The Value of Information for Selected Appliances, Journal of Marketing Research, 1980

Operationalizing Economic Models of Demand for Product Characteristics, Journal of Consumer Research, 1979

A Study of Prices and Market Shares in the Computer Mainframe Industry: Reply, Journal of Business, 1979
with Gary T. Ford

Use of Binary Attributes in Multiplicative Competitive Interaction Choice Models, Journal of Consumer Research, 1978
with Vijay Mahajan, Arun Jain

Some Determinants of Allowed Rates of Return to Utilities, Bell Journal of Economics, 1978
with Robert Hagerman

Factors Affecting Consumers' Use of Information Sources, Journal of Business Research, 1976
with Alan Andreasen

A Study of Prices and Market Shares in the Computer Mainframe Industry, Journal of Business, 1976
with Gary T. Ford

The New Economic Theory of Consumer Behavior: An Interpretive Essay, Journal of Consumer Research, 1975

A Model for Estimating the Demand for General Aviation, Transportation Research, 1974