Supply Chain Leadership Council

Supply Chain Leadership Council

The Supply Chain Leadership Council (SCLC) is managed by JSOM students and alumni. The council promotes supply chain-related studies and activities.

SCLC’s primary goal is to help supply chain management students:

  • expand their educational experience/knowledge,
  • develop career opportunities through networking with industry professionals,
  • implement best supply chain practices into the curriculum and
  • build an environment for students and faculty to interact and exchange ideas.

The council works diligently with the faculty and SCM Industry Advisory Board, supply chain leaders and professional associations (ISM, APICS, INFORMS) to enhance the curriculum, develop new courses and provide guest speakers, field trips, case competitions, scholarships and certificates to members.

SCLC also works with the Jindal School’s Career Management Center to organize networking and recruiting events and career workshops.

  • Advisor’s Message
  • SCLC Mission & Benefits
  • How to Apply

The Supply Chain Leadership Council is comprised of a select group of undergraduate and graduate students and alumni who have been chosen to serve on the council.

The council meets regularly to assist the Supply Chain Management program with two important objectives:

  • To provide students’ perspectives on key program/curriculum issues
  • To support, maintain and build the reputation of the SCM program

Carol Flannery

Faculty Advisor, Supply Chain Leadership Council


The Supply Chain Leadership Council at JSOM is dedicated to improving and growing the supply chain program, curriculum, reputation, industry relationship and collegiate experience our students, both inside and outside the classroom.


The council has many objectives, including but not limited to the following:

  • To provide significant leadership opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students
  • To provide a vehicle for key student issues and curriculum enhancements to be brought to the attention of the council
  • To provide essential support to help elevate the rankings and reputation of the supply chain program

How we work

The council meets monthly to address important current concerns and initiative relating to the following:

  • Academic programs and services
  • Reputation building
  • Professional organizations (ISM, APICS, INFORMS)


The council plays a critical role in facilitating change within the program, and council members believe and take significant pride in their efforts.

Members enjoy the benefit of including their service of this council on their resumes. Employers can easily see that SLCL members are prominent student leaders in the UT Dallas community. Both the academic and student experience have been improved because of this important council. SCLC members will also receive professional business cards and a name tag after joining the council.

To apply to the council, a prospective council member must fill out the online application by clicking the “Apply Online” button. There is a $25 one-time membership fee to join the council. There are some activities and events that are only limited to the registered members.

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