MS in SCM Capstone Projects

Let UT Dallas Supply Chain Graduate Students Assist You

The University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management welcomes opportunities for Master of Science in Supply Chain Management students to help you develop a solution through a capstone project.

A capstone project is:

  • The major requirement of a three-credit course over a semester.
  • Completed by a team of graduate students.
  • A free service to you.

A capstone project has:

  • An adjustable scope defined by you and the team to augment its relevance.
  • A built-in data confidentiality management plan.
  • A flexible duration and calendar; projects accepted year round for fall/spring/summer semesters.
  • An instructor serving as a coach, motivator and resource for the team.

Duration and your time commitment per semester (project) for discussing with the team:

Semester Duration Client Company Commitment
Spring/Fall 15 Weeks 20-30 hours

Ready to go?

Start the process by completing the application linked to the “Connect With Us” button! Connect With Us

  • You will assign a Subject-Matter Expert (SME) to facilitate the project.
  • You will get a team of four to six students. The team lead will be the point of contact for the company SME.
  • The SME will meet with the team on a weekly basis (about an hour; on-site face-to-face meetings preferred) to ensure the students are on track and will deliver what you need.
  • The team may also schedule additional meetings with the SME to provide status updates, to seek answers to questions regarding the project, for site visits, and more.
  • Students are graded based on project deliverables and the SME’s assessment.

Confidential Project Deliverables

  • A 30- to 45-minute presentation on analysis, findings and recommendations.
  • A hard copy of the final project report


  • Students obtain valuable practical experience and transferrable skills.
  • Employers gain direct interaction with UT Dallas students and future professionals.
  • Everyone gains exposure to new strategies, concepts and solutions.

For more information, contact:

David R. Parks, PhD Capstone Project Instructor
Clinical Associate Professor

Supply Chain Improvement Projects

Business Operations Performance

  • Supply chain value analysis
  • Operations process review
  • Cost reduction and service improvement strategies

Distribution and Transportation

  • Network optimization and transportation planning
  • Transportation risk management
  • Analysis of supply chain and distribution models
  • Freight cost and packaging option analysis


  • Order fulfillment optimization
  • Process improvements for inventory management


  • Sustainability initiatives and analysis
  • Scheduling optimization
  • Automate office activities through ERP techniques


  • Manufacturing systems performance improvement
  • Material management projects

Purchasing, Sourcing and Procurement

  • Supplier sourcing
  • Capital purchasing process review
  • Supplier performance and recommendations
  • Spend analysis review
  • Services purchasing process review

Quality Assurance

  • Quality control performance improvement projects
  • Lean and Six Sigma and continual improvement methodologies

Supply and Demand Planning

  • Supply forecasting and planning projects
  • Capacity planning
  • Lead time predictability analysis

General Projects

  • Process flowcharts, controls, and recommendations
  • Evaluation of internal controls
  • Risk assessment analysis
Capstone Project

The Capstone experience with UT- Dallas was amazing. We were impressed by the student’s dedication, focus, and energy to understand the scope and deliver the best results. The summary and presentation at the end of the project was simply stunning! The team brought analytics, automations, and shared what they learned through their experience. The Capstone is a win for the organization and for the students. I encourage any organization to utilize this opportunity.

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