Master of Science with Real Estate Concentration

Real Estate Program at JSOM

The is a 36 semester credit hours degree program (18-24 months) at the Naveen Jindal School of Management that allows students to design a program of study that fits their needs. The Real Estate program provides students with both a practical and educational base to become leaders and skilled decision-makers within the industry.

Program Objectives

  • Give students a thorough understanding of concepts unique to the real estate industry
  • Develop the skills necessary to analyze real estate markets, investments, risk and financing
  • Deploy world-class technology tools in market and investment analysis

Degree Requirements

The MS-MAS degree requires 36 semester credit hours of course work consisting of 10 semester credit hours of core curriculum and 26 hours of elective courses allowing the student to design a curriculum and pursue a specific area of interest. The Real Estate program within this degree program requires at least 15 hours of these electives to be directed toward approved courses in the real estate concentration.

Career Opportunities

The real estate industry offers numerous opportunities to pursue professional careers. These include roles such as real estate broker, property manager, appraiser, investment analyst, asset manager, developer and real estate credit underwriter. The Dallas area provides a rich base of national real estate enterprises in pursuit of talent. The emphasis UT Dallas places on finance, technology and practical skills provides the foundation for future leaders in this important industry.

Professional Certifications

The MS Real Estate Program serves as a platform for pursuit of many of the designations within the real estate industry, including CCIM designation (Certified Commercial Investment Member).

UT Dallas Real Estate Club

Both undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers in real estate are encouraged to participate in the UT Dallas Real Estate Club. Through this organization, students are exposed to alumni within the industry and can develop networks to assist them now and in the future. The club also works to facilitate internships and employment opportunities. In addition, students have an opportunity to participate in national real estate competition projects which can add depth to their knowledge, skills and resume.


UT Dallas has licensed and developed leading technologies used in the analysis of markets and real estate investments. Students will have “hands-on” access to some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry including applications such as Argus™, Xceligent™ and leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS). UT Dallas has developed world-class programs in GIS science and marries this expertise directly with real estate in this emerging industry application.

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The MS Real Estate program has been designed to provide the maximum amount of flexibility for a graduate student looking to pursue both general business management and administration goals and an in-depth real estate education.

Within this special program, students can design their own course structure tailored to their goals. Finance, accounting, marketing and other objectives can be met while pursuing a deeper understanding of real estate issues. We have courses designed to meet your needs and bring you into the exciting world of real estate. Please join us.

Randall S. Guttery, Ph.D., CLU, ChFC

Director, Real Estate Programs

Core Recommended Courses for the Real Estate Concentration

Additional Elective Courses Recommended for Real Estate Concentration

  • FIN 6306 or OPRE 6332 Quantitative Methods in Finance or Spreadsheet Modeling
  • FIN 6311 Valuation Models and Practices
  • FIN 6357 Corporate Restructuring & Turnarounds
  • MIS 6320 or ACCT 6320 Database Foundations


Employers active in the real estate industry are encouraged to consider UT Dallas students for internships. These programs provide area businesses with the opportunity to add resources to a project and create a sound evaluation process for potential new hires. Additionally, your firm can become part of the community supporting UT Dallas. Please contact the career center for more information.

Permanent or Contract Positions

Many employers set up interview sessions at UT Dallas where we can assist in screening interviewees and make your hiring process efficient and effective. Please contact the career center for more information.


Even if you are not ready to bring on an intern or employee, we encourage executives to get involved with an informal mentorship arrangement. This low-level commitment allows for senior real estate professionals to spend some time with a student considering a real estate career and share stories and experiences. It has proven to be a very rewarding opportunity for many executives. Please contact Randy Guttery for more information.

Ben Henderson

“I came to UT Dallas initially because of its great location and its highly ranked MBA programs. I decided to also earn a master’s degree in accounting because I plan to sit for the CPA exam, and the degree provides me with the hours I need for testing eligibility.”

“I’m very interested in real estate, so when I saw I could take the intro to real estate class as an elective, I jumped at the chance. It has so much information! I learned many things about real estate that I would otherwise never have known. The course has given me the basic information I need to someday own property and make it a source of income.”

“My connection to the real estate curriculum and faculty also gave me the opportunity to work as a contractor for Lee Financial. I assisted with a survey of real estate agents about potential effects on property values. My main responsibilities were distributing the surveys, compiling results and drafting a report based on the data collected. The best part of the two-month assignment for me was practicing my interpersonal skills with agents from around Dallas.”

“My advice to other students who are interested in real estate: you don’t have to want to go into the industry full time to benefit from the courses. Take the introductory class if you have any interest in the subject; it has so much practical application that you’ll be glad you did.”

Ben Henderson graduated with an MBA and a MS-Accounting degree in 2013 and is employed with Wells Fargo in Denver.