Master of Science in Finance

The Master of Science in Finance (MS FIN) is a 36 semester credit hours degree program (18-24 months) at the Naveen Jindal School of Management that provides students with the practical and theoretical knowledge needed by finance professionals. Students learn the quantitative skills required to analyze financial information, make financial decisions and valuations, select and analyze portfolios and manage risk. MS Finance students also gain proficiency in spreadsheets, databases and other technological skills needed to evaluate financial data.

MS in Finance To apply for the finance degree program, an undergrad business degree is not required (all undergraduate majors welcome).

MS Finance Program Highlights

  • Program Partners
  • Learn from world-renowned faculty who have published in all of the top finance journals (including The Journal of Finance, The Journal of Financial Economics, The Review of Financial Studies and others) and have won numerous best paper prizes.
  • The Finance Trading Lab gives you the opportunity to develop financial trading skills and access to many electronic business databases, including Bloomberg, S&P Capital IQ, SDC Platinum, Morningstar Direct and Wharton Research Data Services. There are trading competitions held during the year for prizes, money and scholarships.
  • You can invest money in the market through the student-run Global Investment Fund.
  • You can participate in clubs and organizations, including the Financial Leadership Association, the Real Estate Club and the Energy Association – UT Dallas.
  • Develop your skills through contests and competitions, including the CFA® Institute Research Challenge, the TravisWolff Competition, the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Competition, as well as the Bloomberg Aptitude Test and competitions through the Finance Trading Lab.
  • The Career Management Center offers workshops to develop resume and interviewing skills, as well as internship and job placement assistance.
  • If you are highly qualified, you can apply for a graduate scholarship.

1 CFA® is a registered trademark owned by the CFA Institute.


The program offers several concentrations, however many students select the Financial Management option, which provides a generalist approach to the degree while allowing flexibility to tailor the program to their needs.

Many students select the Financial Management option, which provides a generalist approach to the degree while allowing flexibility to tailor the program to their needs.

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  • Degree Plan
  • Student Profile & Statistics
  • Student Testimonials
  • Peer to Peer Mentoring
  • Student Involvement

The MS Finance degree offers a number of resources to enhance the learning experience. We have a Finance Trading Lab where you can get trained and certified using the Bloomberg terminals. The lab also has access to a number of databases, including S&P Capital IQ, SDC Platinum, Morningstar Direct and Wharton Research Data Services. You can apply your knowledge to real world scenarios by participating in local and national case competitions, such as the CFA® Institute Research Challenge, and by participating in the UT Dallas Student Investment Corporation, a global investment fund for MS FIN graduates. There are numerous guest speakers and activities hosted by student organizations, including the Financial Leadership Association, as well as the Career Management Center. These resources allow you to improve your quantitative and qualitative skills in making strategic financial decisions.

For more information on the MS Finance program and the exciting opportunities at UT Dallas, please browse the website. You will find information on the degree plan and student involvement as well as careers and certifications for finance professionals.

Carolyn Reichert, PhD

Director, MS Finance Program

Lynn Hankins

Finance Program Coordinator

Program Prerequisites

Calculus and basic statistics are required as prerequisites for the finance major. Candidates who have not taken equivalent courses will need to take OPRE 6303 to meet the calculus requirement and OPRE 6301 to complete the basic statistics requirement (degree credit is not earned for program prerequisites and all grades earned in graduate courses impact a student’s cumulative GPA).

Basic Core Courses (18 semester credit hours)

Students must complete the following basic business core courses. Students may also apply for a waiver of a core course if they have exceptional academic preparation, but a higher level course must be substituted.


Investment Management (CFA) – 18 SCH

For students interested in pursuing a career in security analysis and portfolio management.

Management of Financial Institutions – 18 SCH

For students interested in careers in banking or other financial institutions.

  • FIN 6308 Regulation of Business and Financial Markets
  • FIN 6311 Valuation Models and Practices
  • FIN 6314 Fixed Income Securities and Their Derivatives
  • FIN 6325 Macroeconomics and Financial Markets
  • FIN 6340 Management of Financial Institutions
  • FIN 6360 Options and Futures Markets
  • FIN 6383 Financial Risk Management
  • FIN 6V98 Finance Internship

Financial Analyst – 18 SCH

For students interested in corporate finance, investment banking, venture capital and private equity.

Real Estate Finance – 18 SCH

For students interested in careers in the real estate industry, property management and real estate investment analysis.

  • FIN 6314 Fixed Income Securities and Their Derivatives
  • FIN 6325 Macroeconomics and Financial Markets
  • FIN/REAL 6321 Introduction to Real Estate
  • FIN/REAL 6322 Real Estate Finance and Investment
  • FIN/REAL 6323 Real Estate Market Analysis and Investment
  • FIN/REAL 6326 Real Estate Law and Contracts
  • FIN 6V98 Finance Internship
  • Elective Any Category A course (see below)
  • Elective Any Category B course (see below)

Financial Risk Management – 18 SCH

For students with the quantitative ability to pursue a career applying quantitative methods to risk management problems.

  • FIN 6314 Fixed Income Securities and Their Derivatives
  • FIN 6360 Options and Futures Markets

  • MECO 6312 Applied Econometrics and Times Series Analysis or ECON 6306 Applied Econometrics
  • FIN 6370 The Theory of Finance and Its Applications
  • FIN 6381 Introductory Mathematical Finance
  • FIN 6382 Numerical Methods in Finance
  • FIN 6383 Financial Risk Management 

  • MECO 6315 Statistical Inference
  • FIN 6V98 Finance Internship

Energy Risk Management – 18 SCH

Financial Management – 18 SCH

Complete 18 semester credit hours from the course selections listed below. At least 9 credit hours must come from the Finance area and have a FIN prefix.

Other Area Classes (Category A): ACCT 6330, ACCT 6332, ACCT 6344, ACCT 6345, ACCT 6350, ACCT 6353, MECO 6312, MECO 6315, MECO 6318, ECON 6305, ECON 6306, ECON 6311, OPRE 6335, OPRE 7310, MIS 6320, MIS 6324, MIS 6344. Note: Either MECO 6312 or ECON 6306 can be counted, as they are substitutes. Similarly, either OPRE 7310 or ECON 6311 can be counted, as they are substitutes.

Finance Area Classes (Category B): FIN 6308, FIN 6311, FIN 6314, FIN 6315, FIN 6316, FIN 6320, FIN 6321, FIN 6322, FIN 6323, FIN 6325, FIN 6326, FIN 6328, FIN 6330, FIN 6335, FIN 6340, FIN 6341, FIN 6342, FIN 6352, FIN 6355, FIN 6356, FIN 6357, FIN 6360, FIN 6364, FIN 6366, FIN 6368, FIN 6370, FIN 6380, FIN 6381, FIN 6382, FIN 6383, FIN 6V98 and FIN 6V99.

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Spring 2015 MS Finance Student Profile

Class Statistics Percentage or Number
Students in Program 394
Gender Male: 54%, Female: 46%
Average Age 25
Average GMAT* 622
Average GPA 3.30
Country of Origin China: 73%, USA: 16%, Taiwan: 7%, Other: 4%

*GRE accepted as well.

Jinny He

Jingzhou “Jinny” He

“I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to attend MSF Program in UT Dallas. When I was pursuing my master degree at UT Dallas, I was really intrigued with what I learned as well as the ability to apply financial and business principals toward practical problems and deliver measurable results. UTD has something no other school in the region is offering, both from excellent faculties and competitive fellow students.”

Sudhanshu Jain

Sudhanshu Jain

“I came to the UT Dallas School of Management because of its reputation for superb faculty members, engaging student associations, scholarship opportunities and excellent industry connections. My experience matched the school’s reputation in every way. With the MS in Finance, I had good flexibility in my studies and control over what subjects I took. The finance courses exposed me to a wide range of finance topics ranging from Investment Management to Corporate Restructuring and Turnarounds. While at the school, I was an active member of the Financial Leadership Association, a student association which provided me access to several networking opportunities, and practical research/investment experience through student managed investment fund and several national-level elite competitions. Scholarships, including the Dean’s Excellence Scholarship, helped me complete my dual MS Finance and MBA education. I would highly recommend UTD Finance program to anyone who desires a successful career in finance.”

Sudhanshu Jain (MBA, MS’11) pursued dual graduate degrees through the then-School of Management to sharpen his quantitative and qualitative skills. He credits the MS in Finance degree with expanding his skills in financial analysis, and he says that the MBA Flex program bolstered his operations and strategizing prowess. Sudhanshu works as a Senior Associate in Transaction Services/Deals Practice at PwC, where he provides advisory and valuation services to companies for mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting and tax purposes.

Ryan Ren

Yuhui “Ryan” Ren

“I had a great time at UT Dallas studying finance. The selective finance courses have exposed me to a full spectrum of finance topics ranging from Corporate Finance to Portfolio Management. I also appreciated being a member of Financial Leadership Association, an elite business organization that has access to networking opportunities, national competitions, and community service. This organization has prepared me well for a career in real world finance by polishing my professionalism and interpersonal skills. More importantly, the professors and faculty members in UTD Finance program are very helpful. They always provided me with valuable advice to help me grow. I would highly recommend any student who desires a career in finance to apply to the UT Dallas finance program.”

Peer to peer mentoring is a student directed mentoring program for our MS Finance program. Mentors are students who are more experienced, who “know the ropes” across campus and who are in a position to guide, advise and assist less experienced student mentees who are newer to UTD. Mentees look to mentors to provide advice on academic issues related to their major, advice on student life issues, student organizations and activities.

For the mentee, mentors serve as a trusted advisor and a confidant. Mentees are any student who is new to UTD. If you are interested in contacting one of our mentors, please email and a mentor will contact you directly. Please include your name, NET ID, preferred contact method, which mentor you would like to contact you and what type of assistance you need.



Hometown: Zhejiang, China
Undergraduate: International business, Hunan University
Areas of interest: Finance investment
Hobbies: reading, traveling
Expected graduated date: Spring 2016

About Me: I found myself more interested in finance during my four years of undergraduate studies. I chose to pursue a master’s degree in the USA. UT Dallas was the top choice for me. Thanks to the kind, patient professors, I got used to a new studying environment. The fluctuation in prices of the financial market appeals to me a lot. I continue to read the news and magazines and want to figure out the most popular finance market in the world. Of course, I have some experience in thinking about finance studies. I’d like to share my experiences in studying finance with you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Heng (John) – China

Heng (John) – China

Hometown: Anhui, China
Undergraduate: International Economics and Business, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Areas of interest: Investment management, Econometrics
Hobbies: Tennis, biking, traveling, and video games
Expected graduated date: Spring 2016

About Me: I have an undergraduate degree in International Economics and Business. However, I’m interested in finance, the science of money management. I choose UT Dallas for its highly ranked program, excellent academic faculty and low living expenses. After one year, I believe this is a fantastic place for me to study for my master degree. I strongly believe that you will have a colorful life, just like me, if you choose UT Dallas. Welcome to join us! It’s my pleasure to help you.

Weilin (Cillian) - China

Weilin (Cillian) – China

Hometown: Kunming, China
Undergraduate: Environmental Engineering
Areas of interest: Equity Research
Hobbies: Sports, Video making, reading
Expected graduated date: Fall 2016

About Me: I was an engineering student in a top 16 Chinese university. I was a national athlete. I was a backpacker. Now, I am a full time student. Finance is what I love and is what I will not grow tired of. Financial modeling and analysis are my interests. If you are serious with finance, please feel free to contact me.

Sung (Fannie) – Taiwan

Sung (Fannie) – Taiwan

Hometown: Changhua, Taiwan
Undergraduate: Finance, National Chung Cheng University
Areas of interest: Financial Analyst
Hobbies: Music, board game, traveling, cooking
Expected graduated date: Summer 2016

About Me: I hold a bachelor’s degree in Finance and am currently a double major in Finance and Accounting. During my life in UTD, I enjoy discussing class materials with peers from different backgrounds. In addition, I am involved in a lot of school events such as a volunteer trip to Oklahoma. UT Dallas provides lots of resources that you can utilize and has lots of events for students to get involved. I am more than happy to share my experiences not only in academic fields but also about life here in UT Dallas!

Skye – USA

Skye – USA

Hometown: Overland Park, KS
Undergraduate and Other Graduate Degrees: B. S. in Maritime Administration, Texas A&M University a Galveston; J. D., Washburn Law School; MBA, UT Dallas
Areas of interest: Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Analytics, Real Estate Finance, Financial Modeling
Hobbies: Scuba diving, reading, photography
Expected graduated date: Fall 2016

About Me: Finance is my second career. Prior to beginning classes at UT Dallas, I practiced oil and gas law for 6 years. In December 2014, I graduated from UT Dallas full-time Cohort MBA program. After graduating from the full-time Cohort MBA program, I’ve been working full time in a finance role, and taking classes part time in the MS Finance program.

I’m studying finance because I enjoy the challenge of the material. UT Dallas has been a great place for me to learn new skills and get involved in numerous case competitions, clubs, and projects. My advice for new students at UT Dallas is to explore your interests and take advantage of all of the opportunities to get involved while you’re here. If you have questions about the school or the MSF program, please feel free to contact me.

Eric – USA

Eric – USA

Hometown: Coppell, TX
Undergraduate : BBA Finance – Texas State University – San Marcos
Areas of interest: Finance, Strategic Leadership, Valuation, M&A
Hobbies: Professional Sports, Fitness, Outdoors, Finance
Expected graduated date: August 2016

About Me: I am a part time graduate student in two programs, the PMBA and MS Finance programs. I work as a Financial Analyst for a leading financial services company at which I’ve worked for four years. My goals for the PMBA program were to gain perspective from a breadth of diverse professors, and use this perspective and knowledge to enhance and cultivate my leadership and management skills. My goals for the Finance program were to learn technical skills and develop a deep understanding of the financial industry. My short term goals post-graduation would be to transition into Management Consulting, or into M&A as an analyst. Otherwise my hobbies are mentioned above. I love watching/participating in sports, take great pride in my personal health, love hiking and canoeing, and spend a fair portion of time planning with my brokerage account. In between all of these overlapping priorities I also spend a lot of time with my family.

The finance department provides opportunities for students to become engaged and involved in a variety of activities in order to reinforce the academic learning process here at UT Dallas. Opportunities such as competitions, employer roundtable discussions, guest speakers and student organizations allow students to gain leadership skills, become better team players and network with industry leaders while gaining additional industry knowledge and skills.

Case Competitions – TravisWolff


The TravisWolff Cup Mergers & Acquisitions Competition is an internal case study competition designed to give students experience and insight into mergers & acquisitions, investment banking, financial advisory and private equity. Other internal and external competitions include the SAC – Security Analysis Competition and ACG – Association for Corporate Growth.

UT Dallas Student Investment Corporation

Student Investment Corp

Students are given an opportunity to earn course credit and add an internship to their resume managing real investments. This class is taught by industry professionals and gives students an ongoing, structured way of learning how to manage a portfolio.

Student Organizations Teach Leadership Skills and Industry Knowledge

Student Organisations

Student organizations help bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing activities such as competitions, workshops, industry speakers and social events. The finance area has three student organizations:

Financial Leadership Association (FLA)
Real Estate Club
Energy Association

Industry Visits Connect Students With Employers

Student Investment Corp

Industry guest speakers give students the opportunity to network with potential employers while learning about different finance careers and potential internship programs. Recent guests include:

  • Texas Instruments
  • Wells Fargo Financial
  • JP Morgan
  • Comerica
  • ALM First Advisors
  • AT&T
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Capital One
  • State Farm
  • Goldman Sachs

Naveen Jindal School of Management Finance Trading Lab

Trading Lab
Trading Lab

Our student-run lab provides students the opportunity to develop financial trading skills and provides access to various electronic business databases including Bloomberg, S&P Capital IQ, SDC Platinum, Thomson Reuters Eikon™ and WRDS-Wharton Research Data Services. The lab also hosts the UTD Securities Trading Competitions each semester giving students the opportunities to win cash awards and scholarships.