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MS in Energy Management

Message from the Director

The demand for energy management expertise crosses all sectors — including exploration and production, transportation, power, petroleum service and construction, downstream refining and petrochemicals — in both government and traditional oil and gas corporations. The MS in Energy Management curriculum covers management in these areas. We concentrate on the management of energy assets.

The program also studies renewable energy, coal and power generation and marketing, both domestically and internationally.

In addition, the National Research Council estimates that as much as a third of the current energy workforce will retire by the end of this decade, due in part to the generation gap that emerged during the instability of the 1980s and 1990s. Many professionals find themselves in the energy sector without an energy-related degree.

Call or email me if you have questions about this program or the energy field. This is an exciting time to be part of this dynamic industry. If you are a professional with an undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering, accounting, IT, health, geosciences, finance or natural sciences, the MS in Energy Management may serve as a way to add expertise to your understanding of the business of energy management.

Stephen Molina Director, Energy Management Degree Program
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