Issue 43

UTD Coaching News

Brief Sessions by Steve March

    by Steve March, ACC

Several of my coaching clients are getting wonderful results from very brief sessions.  One, in particular, usually interacts with me for 15 minutes or less, once a week.

These persons each have a specific area on which they focus, and look forward to sharing weekly what they are changing and doing, and how it’s working.

Clients in the workplace seem to start with a preference for face-to-face coaching when possible.  One person works in another state, yet we had an opportunity to meet for our first session on a company trip, and then shift to phone coaching after we both returned to our home offices. 

Even with people in the same city, I suggest and offer telephone coaching, and commonly hear a preference for face-to-face.  What has been interesting is that the shift to phone coaching often simply happens to meet the client’s needs.  They can’t fit in a particular session,and then I suggest we could still do a call.  They say, “O.K.” and often telephone coaching evolves into the norm.

Encouraging clients to think in terms of briefer sessions also has been helpful in making progress.  It seems some folks have a fear of making the call, because they “can’t afford that much time” on that day.  Once they start thinking in terms of 15 minutes, they drop what they’re doing and make quick progress.


Steve coaches and facilitates employee involvement activities at The Boeing Company.  In this activity, groups and individuals find ways to improve their work processes.  The Employee Involvement group's mantra is, "Finding the difference that makes a difference."  Steve has a Masters in Management from Maryville University and a Bachelors of Science in Education from Southeast Missouri State University.  He is an ACC certified coach, he is also certified on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, certified on Achieve Global programs and on Development Dimensions International programs.  Steve has taught graduate leadership and management subjects for Lindenwood University, and was the Executive Director of the American Academy on Physician and Patient - a not-for profit association of physicians.  Steve and his wife, Jennifer, lead marriage preparation and marriage enrichment workshops.  When all this doesn't take up enough time, Steve plays bass guitar or enjoys sailing.  Steve and Jennifer have two "children" who have successfully completed college degrees and launched, living in nearby cities.


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