Issue 42

UTD Coaching News

Student Corner

     By Nathalie Centinaro, ACC

A few years ago, my employer started offering executive coaching services to its management staff.  They offered a 12-week introductory training and I fell in love with the premise of coaching.  Determined to learn more, I researched coaching schools and found UTD to offer the strongest program.  Two years later, I have my ACC, have collected more than 350 additional hours towards my PCC and I am about to complete a Masters degree in Organizational Behavior.  The experience has been nothing short of amazing! 

As a strength-focused mental health therapist, I spent 12 years working from an unsupported paradigm for which coaching provided a clear foundation and structure that I could not have found in any other discipline.  The training armed me with exquisite skills to take clients further and deeper.  Moving from the study of the past to the purposeful creation of a desired future energized me and all my personal and professional relationships.  

I am still an internal coach and maintain a thriving clinical practice.  All my clients, regardless of their relationship with me, have benefitted from my training.  Who knows what opportunities the future holds!  But I am convinced that I will have a hand at shaping it as I continue to use and develop the skills I have learned!


Nathalie completed her Masters in Social Work at New York University in 1999.   Since then, she has worked with substance abuse clients, women’s issues, elder care and family treatment with a concentration in couple therapy.  In her position at Magellan Health, she provides coaching services to managers and executives. Nathalie’s family takes center stage in her life.  She thanks her husband and three children for providing outstanding support as she completed her coach training at UTD and now as she continues on at UTD to earn the MS in Management, concentration in Organizational Behavior and Coaching.



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