Certificate of Management

The Certificate of Management is patterned after a traditional MBA degree program. Topics are designed to cover business/management functions and the essential concepts, tools and resources learned in an MBA program. As a self-paced online program, this “Mini-MBA” program does not attempt to deliver the depth of learning found in a traditional degree program, but focuses on the most critical “need-to-know” elements in order to enhance a manager’s abilities to manage and lead in their organization.

Online “Mini-MBA” Executive Program

Management professionals can gain the fundamental knowledge and critical MBA tools needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world, but in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional MBA degree. UT Dallas’ Certificate of Management “Mini-MBA” concentrates the essential components of an MBA degree into an abbreviated, noncredit, online format.


  • Self-paced, open enrollment curriculum takes six to ten months to complete.
  • Delivered online so students can study when and where it is convenient for them.
  • A highly interactive format with video cases and many learning tools make it an exciting and effective way to learn.
  • No prior business degree or admissions tests required (business/management experience is a prerequisite).

Experienced managers who need a broader understanding of the functions of business but cannot commit the time required to earn an MBA will benefit from the UT Dallas Certificate of Management program. For more information, please contact Veronica Blanco or call (972) 883-5916.

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The unique Certificate of Management program was designed to provide you with the essential fundamentals of a traditional MBA in a fraction of the time and cost of a degree. To find out if this professional development certificate program will meet your career needs, please contact me for more information.

David Spivey Certificate of Management

Self-Paced, Flexible, Online Delivery

The online Certificate of Management program allows students to study at their own pace whenever/wherever it is convenient for them. The program includes many study aides and a highly interactive online learning environment. Students may begin the program at any time, and completion usually takes six to 10 months. There are 16 learning modules, each focusing on a traditional MBA subject (see Program Curriculum). Additional resources, including a video case for each unit, are available online. Students must have basic computer skills and the ability to access the internet through a high-speed connection. The program is also mobile device enabled

Typical Student

The Certificate in Management is designed for business professionals who would benefit from a better understanding of the broad functions of business and management, and by acquiring familiarity with the essential assessment tools learned in an MBA. This executive education program does not require the challenging admissions criteria of an MBA program, takes months instead of years to complete and costs much, much less.

Executive Education Certificate

com certificate

Students are awarded the Certificate of Management from the University of Texas at Dallas, Jindal School of Management, Executive Education department upon completion of assignments and an earned aggregate grade of at least 70 percent. A letter of completion including grade results is included. For students seeking reimbursement from their employers, we will provide all necessary documentation to apply.

Program Fee

The enrollment fee of $3,995 includes tuition, course access and study materials. Full payment is due prior to starting the program. Payment may be made online with a major credit card or arrangements may be made to pay by check or for billing to a third party.

Pay Online

Application and Registration

Please submit the application form to be considered for admission to the program. No specific prior academic degrees are required, but evidence of business management experience and the ability to successfully complete challenging graduate-level work is expected. Applications are reviewed and a notice of acceptance issued electronically within 2-3 business days. Full payment is required before beginning the coursework.

Part One: Managing in Today’s World

  • Unit 1: The Exceptional Manager
  • Unit 2: Management Theory
  • Unit 3: The Changing Work Environment & Ethical Responsibilities
  • Unit 4: Global Management

Part Two: The Functions and Structure of Management

  • Unit 5: Planning
  • Unit 6: Strategic Management
  • Unit 7: Individual & Group Decision Making
  • Unit 8: Organizational Culture, Structure, & Design

Part Three: The Workplace and Its Workers

  • Unit 9: Human Resource Management
  • Unit 10: Organizational Change & Innovation
  • Unit 11: Managing Individual Differences & Behavior
  • Unit 12: Motivating Employees

Part Four: Leading and Controlling

  • Unit 13: Groups & Teams
  • Unit 14: Power, Influence, & Leadership
  • Unit 15: Interpersonal & Organizational Communication
  • Unit 16: Control Systems & Quality Management

Final Project

A comprehensive online business simulation in partnership with Harvard University

This is not a degree program. You do not have to apply for admission to UT Dallas Jindal School of Management. There is no out-of-state tuition rate so all students pay the same $3,995 fee regardless of where they live. You will not attend classes. As a self-paced professional certificate program, you study whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.

There are no specific academic prerequisites, but the ability to perform at a graduate academic level is needed as the content is challenging. Management experience is also preferred but the program can be highly valuable for those just moving into management roles. We suggest you complete and submit the online application so we can review your probable “fit” with the program.

This is an open-enrollment, you may begin as soon as your application is approved and your tuition is paid. Each of the 16 units requires an estimated 15 to 25 hours to complete, usually requiring two to three weeks for each unit. Students are expected to complete all components of the program within one year.

Using your computer and an internet connection, you can access the custom eBook, video cases, assignments, self-test evaluations, additional reference materials, lectures and the quizzes. We have designed the program to be a highly interactive, multimodal learning environment. It offers the flexibility of self-directed online study, but supports your success with a multitude of learning tools. There are also mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms so that you can stay connected via your mobile devices.

No. While there is a great deal of flexibility offered by such a program, it requires self discipline to be successful. We suggest students plan to spend five to 10 hours per week on coursework to move through the curriculum at a steady pace.

No, you are not applying to be a matriculating student at The University of Texas at Dallas. However, in some cases, students may use the Certificate in Management as evidence of their ability to complete graduate-level academic work and this may be influential in being accepted into degree programs they might not otherwise qualify for.

Complete and submit the online application. Once approved, you will need to pay the program fee to be fully registered. We then provide your access codes and instructions for begining your studies. Many online tutorials and our help line is available to assist you as you begin. We want your experience to be both easy and successful.

We would be delighted to provide any additional information. Please contact the program director, David Spivey, by calling 972-883-2589 or by email.

“Although I have been a manager for many years, I was surprised how much I learned about what makes business really work. I am a much better manager due to what I learned. The Certificate of Management validates my knowledge and abilities and now hangs in my office.”
–Martin Mullins, Engineering Manager

“This program not only expanded my ability to manage by helping me understand other departments in the company and to view work from an organizational level, but it also helped me to become a better leader by understanding and focusing on the people I manage. Thank you for a great program!”
— Frank Silva, Regional Vice President, Supply Chain Logistics Company

“The course content has changed a lot of the preconceptions I had about management. I must admit that I used to view flextime requests, for example, with some suspicion and did not realize all its benefits to the organization and its impact on employee motivation. With the formal concepts and frameworks of reference I learned, I also can now better understand and identify some management issues that I thought were personality issues in the workplace.”
— Michel Kouadio, PhD, IT Head, Center for Distance Education, Simon Fraser University

“The program is source of practical knowledge. It helped me to understand common management principles, understand structures within my company and also the supplier relationships. It is already helping my career with insightful information that I can apply in my company. It challenged me to increase my perspective to reach beyond my engineering background. English is my second language, and I found it easy to comprehend.”
–Walter Maranon, Aircraft Component Manufacturing Engineer

“Thanks to the UT Dallas program, I was able to take the learning experience directly to the shop floor. The curriculum is set up in such a manner that I was able to use the first several units to develop and successfully implement a strategy for improving productivity. Great experience. Great results!”  
— John Mau, Operations Manager, Commercial Printing Company

No matter how challenging or complex your organization’s executive training needs are, Corporate Education has the knowledge, experience and ability to build custom learning solutions based on your organization’s talent development goals and business performance objectives. Corporate Education’s primary mission is to develop leaders who will be able to lead effectively now and in the years to come.

Corporate Education

Continuing Education Credits

Students successfully completing UT Dallas’s Certificate of Management qualify for 5.4 CEUs based on the standards established by the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET). Questions concerning the acceptance of CEUs towards any specific professional licensing requirement should be directed to the relevant board or agency.

Continuing Education Credits

UT Dallas is a Registered Education Provider approved by the Project Management Institute to award Professional Development Units (PDUs) for project managers. By completing the Certificate of Management program, PMI credential holders will earn 19 PDUs for the Leadership category of PMI’s Talent Triangle, and 25 PDUs for the Strategic & Business Management category.