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The online Global Leadership MBA program organizes and hosts Speaker Series during the fall, spring and summer semesters. These professionally facilitated webinars provide an opportunity for students, alumni and prospective students to attend sessions delivered by experts. We choose topics that are relevant to our curriculum and ask speakers to include relatable current events correlating to our curriculum and international management concentration.

This resource library was created after numerous attendees requested access to the recorded presentations to share with their peers.

We will continue to draw on University faculty and industry contacts to bring pertinent topics to our broad audience.

NOTE: Recordings can be found below the speaker summaries.


Armin Cruz

Armin Cruz

Vice President, Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport

Since 2005, Armin Cruz has served as vice president of the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport. He is responsible for DFW’s 24/7 intermodal transportation services with over 69 million annual customers, commercial and retail tenants. With over $224 million in annual gross revenues, these services represent DFW’s largest non-aeronautical revenue source and account for one-fourth of its operating revenues. Operating in a wide functionality spectrum and many management channels, his team is the largest employer for the world’s third-busiest airport. It synchronizes with federal and state agencies for critical strategic regional transportation integration that makes it the 116th largest firm in North Texas and an internationally recognized customer-centric leading-edge organization. Under Cruz’s leadership, the Business Unit is the first and the only airport worldwide (2018) to earn both the coveted International Parking & Mobility Institute’s “Accredited Parking Organization” designation and the National Parking Organization’s “Innovative Organization of the Year.”

Six Questions a 21st Century Leader MUST Ask Themselves
By Armin Cruz

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. ” — Aristotle

In today’s demanding business arena, leaders must fully leverage aspects of business management and business knowledge to achieve timely and sustainable success. This is only possible by leveraging yourself first and foremost. To accomplish this, you must first answer six crucial SWOT questions. SWOT Analysis guides you in identifying your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

In this webinar, Armin Cruz shares how to apply these questions to own your leadership skills so that your abilities to motivate individuals and teams will grow and sharpen. A few of the questions we aim to answer together are:

  • What is your strongest asset?
  • What areas should you strive to improve?
  • Is there untapped opportunity at your feet waiting to be leveraged?
  • What potential challenges threaten your success today?

Air Date: 11/12/2019 | Time Slot: Noon CDT

Watch Armin Cruz’s Presentation

Maria Gomez Albrecht

Maria Gomez Albrecht

Lecturer, Executive MBA and Global Leadership MBA programs, Naveen Jindal School of Management, The University of Texas at Dallas

Maria Gomez Albrecht is an executive partner at Alonos, a consulting firm specializing in organizational effectiveness, improved business performance and marketing strategies for leadership teams and executive management. She is a marketing lecturer at The University of Texas at Dallas for both the Executive MBA and the Global Leadership MBA programs. Albrecht is also the executive vice president of Prospanica DFW, a nonprofit organization established to empower and enable Hispanic professionals.

She is an accomplished and highly skilled business professional who leverages more than 25 years of experience in several industries, including retail, medical, nonprofit, environmental and education. She has extensive experience in e-commerce, sales operations, project management, data analytics, supply chain and vendor management. Albrecht is a doctoral candidate in business administration at Swiss Management Center University. She also has deep knowledge of multicultural marketing thanks to her fluency in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as business proficiency in French and Italian.

Why Marketing in 2020 is No Longer A Perfect Vision

By Maria Gomez Albrecht

2020 had long been anticipated by many marketers and business leaders as a great opportunity to redefine visions, set new goals, refresh campaigns or launch exciting initiatives. However, the appearance of COVID-19 worldwide has put a damper on the development, distribution and communication of plans. This presentation examines the impact of the disease on marketing efforts and imagines what recovery might look like for businesses to emerge successfully.

Air Date: 06/23/2020 | Time Slot: 7 p.m. CDT

Recording: Recording Link

Deepak Sachdeva

Deepak Sachdeva

Vice President, Information Technology, Xome
Adjunct Faculty Member, Global Leadership MBA program, Naveen Jindal School of Management, UT Dallas

Deepak Sachdeva is a business-transformation and technology executive who has worked extensively on strategy enablement, business-process redesign, global operating models, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, corporate development, investor relations, financial planning, lean operational excellence, supply chain optimization and corporate communications. He helped accelerate growth by optimizing every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle and increased revenue. He is a trusted leader and an advisor who is passionate about developing and empowering the next generation of executives.

Sachdeva created strategies and key performance metrics to drive predictable and measurable growth, increase efficiency and effectiveness of customer-facing teams, and improve visibility into sales activity and performance.

He has gained his experiences at Sabre, General Electric, PepsiCo, Cisco and UT Dallas.

He earned an Executive MBA from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2012 and a Bachelor of Engineering (civil) degree from Delhi University.

Global Finance: Impacts on the Economies

By Deepak Sachdeva

The goal of this discussion is to explain how finance across borders impacts economies, who benefits and who loses. We will unravel the complex web of financial centers and how they exert control and influence the financial markets.

Air Date: 02/19/2020 | Time Slot: 7 p.m. CDT

Recording: Not available at this time.

Jackie Kimzey

Jackie Kimzey

Associate Professor of Practice, Organizations, Strategy and International Management , Naveen Jindal School of Management, The University of Texas at Dallas

Since 2007, Jackie Kimzey has served on the faculties of Southern Methodist University and The University of Texas at Dallas, where he shares lessons about innovation and new ventures with enthusiastic young entrepreneurs. He previously served as executive director of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UT Dallas and is a frequent speaker and lecturer on the topics of innovation, investment and management. Over his career, he has served on 19 boards, four of which were public companies. Kimzey continues his work with new ventures and is an active angel investor and advisor.

The Shelf Life of Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Disrupt or Be Disrupted

By Jackie Kimzey

Whether your organization is large or small, a for-profit business or a nonprofit, competitive advantage is volatile and often affected by innovative disruptors. Vision, awareness and a culture that is open to change are essential to keep businesses growing continuously.

Jackie Kimzey explains the four key pillars of staying competitive:

  • Disruptive innovators are a threat to your organization.
  • In a digital world, competitive advantage is transitory.
  • Leadership matters.
  • Organizations that embrace the multigenerational workforce will win in the innovation game.

Air Date: 04/02/2020 | Time Slot: Noon CDT

Watch Jackie Kimzey’s Presentation
Cuneyt Gurcan Akcora

Cuneyt Gurcan Akcora

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Statistics, University of Manitoba, Canada

Dr. Cuneyt Gurcan Akcora was a postdoctoral fellow in the Departments of Statistics and Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas. He has worked at Yahoo! Research in Barcelona, Qatar Computing Research Institute and Huawei Research in Istanbul. Akcora received his PhD from the University of Insubria, Italy, and his MS from State University of New York at Buffalo. His primary research interests are explainable artificial Intelligence, data science on complex networks and large-scale graph analysis, with applications in social, biological, Internet of Things and blockchain networks. Akcora is a Fulbright Scholarship recipient, and his research works have been published in leading conference proceedingss and journals, including Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, the VLDB Journal, the International Conference on Data Mining and the International Conference on Data Engineering.

Sudhanva Purushotham

Sudhanva Purushotham

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Texas at Dallas

Sudhanva Purushotham has been a research assistant under the guidance of Dr. Yulia R. Gel, Dr. Cuneyt Akcora and Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu, helping to develop open-source technologies for compliance, anomaly detection and anti-money laundering technologies in banking and law enforcement.

Purushotham has interests in financial markets and data science.

Dr. Yulia Gel
Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu

A Holistic View of the Entire Blockchain Ecosystem with a Focus on Data Science for Blockchain

By Cuneyt Gurcan Akcora and Sudhanva Purushotham

Over the last couple of years, Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology that forms the basis of Bitcoin have gotten unprecedented attention.

Designed to facilitate a secure distributed platform without central regulation, blockchain is heralded as a novel paradigm that will be as powerful as big data, cloud computing and machine learning.

Blockchain technology garners the ever-increasing interest of researchers in various domains that benefit from scalable cooperation among trustless parties. As Blockchain applications proliferate, so do the complexity and volume of data stored by Blockchains.

Starting with the core components of Blockchain, I will detail the building blocks of Blockchains and describe Blockchain use cases in application domains such as Internet of Things, supply chains, trade and finance. This talk provides a holistic view on the entire Blockchain ecosystem with a focus on data science for Blockchains.

Air Date: 04/23/2020 | Time Slot: 11:30 a.m. CDT

Watch Akcora and Purushotham’s Presentation
Richard Bowen

Richard Bowen

Senior Lecturer, Accounting, Naveen Jindal School of Management, The University of Texas at Dallas

Richard Bowen is a member of the Accounting Area faculty in the Jindal School at UT Dallas and a popular speaker in the field of business ethics. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University and a Master of Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin. He is also a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas and was named 2012 CPA of the Year by the Texas Society of CPAs. Bowen has been described in the news media, including the Wall Street Journal, CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes, as the Citigroup whistleblower who repeatedly warned Citi executive management, beginning in 2006, about risky business practices and potential losses related to mortgage sales and securitizations.

Ethics and the Financial Crisis

By Richard Bowen

The financial debacle of 2008 and the fallout it caused to our economic infrastructure have prompted increased concern about corporate moral and social responsibility and increased scrutiny of organizational behavior and the lack of ethical leadership exhibited by companies we previously held in high esteem.

There is zero tolerance for and societal concern about unethical behavior. Unethical behavior has a high cost: lack of trust on the part of customers, the public as well as employees. Diminishing loyalties mean fewer profits and less-engaged employees.

Based on Bowen’s own experience as the Citigroup Whistleblower and on client case studies, this no-holds-barred presentation focused on:

  • The costs of unethical leadership and the steps an organization needs to take to instill guiding principles that become part of the corporate culture.
  • The slippery slope that leads to a lack of ethical culture and how to prevent this from happening within an organization.
  • The ethical conflicts many investment advisors face in their role in guiding customer’s investment decisions.

Air Date: 10/29/2020 | Time Slot: 11:30 a.m. CDT

Watch Richard Bowen’s Presentation


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