Global Leadership Executive MBA (GLEMBA) Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive, global degree plan to enable students to accelerate in international business. The GLEMBA program helps students acquire advanced concepts and achieve a critical path to success. We expose our students to international corporate operations and leaders for development of critical and strategic thinking. Expansion and awareness of diverse cultures, generations, and approaches comes from connectivity to global teams and collaboration through team development.

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A snapshot of our program by semester is below. The numbers in the parenthesis are the number of credit hours.

Semester 1 Fall

Semester 2 Spring

Semester 3 Summer

Semester 4 Fall

Semester 5 Spring

MBA Fundamentals

MBA Fundamentals

Understanding Regional Markets

Developing Business in New Markets

Global Leadership and Execution

Orientation and Campus Retreat #1

Campus Retreat #2

International Retreat

Campus Retreat #3


Financial Accounting (2)

Financial Management (3)

Economics of Regional Markets (2)

Operations Management (3)

Global Business Ethics and Law (1)

Organizational Behavior (3)

Marketing Management (3)

Cross Cultural Management (2)

Strategic Management (3)

Global Mergers and Acquisitions (2)

IT and Big Data (2)

Managerial Accounting (2)

International Finance (3)

Global Marketing (3)

Global Supply Chain Management (2)

Statistics and Probability (3)

Business Economics (3)

Global Politics in Business (2)

International Business Plan (3)

Business Plan Implementation (2)




Executive Coaching (1)

International Study Tour (3)

10 credits

11 credits

9 credits

13 credits

10 credits

In addition to the course work above, all students must work with an ICF-certified Executive Coach to address their soft skills. Our curriculum also includes two international travel experiences. With our program accredited at 53 credit hours, we offer the most robust curriculum in North Texas.

The Naveen Jindal School of Management reserves the right to change any of the above course, structure or cost of the program at any time, as needed.

Global Leadership Executive MBA