Executive MBA Programs Traditions

Even though The University of Texas at Dallas is considered a young university (under 50 years old), the Naveen Jindal School of Management offers several traditions in the Executive MBA programs to build unity from cohort to cohort and to connect students and alumni through loyalty and pride.

Springate Cup

Dr. David Springate is the founder of the Executive MBA program and currently serves as a finance professor and as academic director of the Executive MBA programs. The first Executive MBA class, the Class of 1994, introduced the Springate Cup. One student brought back a beer mug from Ireland and passed it to a fellow classmate for his leadership role in the class.

Since then, the Springate Cup has been a trophy that second-year students introduce to first-year students. Students vote on the first member to receive the Springate Cup. Each recipient subsequently chooses who should receive the Springate Cup the following month. After a new class is enrolled, the last recipient of the Springate Cup passes it on to the incoming class. The Springate Cup has been passed from class to class every year for the past 22 cohorts.

Kimberly Peelman, EMBA 2019 Springate Cup

Rachel Roberts and the EMBA Class of 2018 presented the Springate Cup to Kimberly Peelman, EMBA 2019. Kimberly’s class chose her as the first recipient.

View more Springate Cup photos on the Executive MBA programs Facebook Page.

Guisinger Globe

Guisinger Globe

Dr. Stephen E. Guisinger (1941 – 2001) came to The University of Texas at Dallas in 1976 and taught in the Jindal School of Management. He was a prominent international business economist, a scholar and a leader in the classroom. He was a pioneer in developing Internet-based distance learning, and he served as the co-founder and director of the Jindal School of Management’s Master’s in International Management Studies (MIMS) program, which began in 1995. MIMS later became the Global Leadership Executive MBA program.

In 2015, the Jindal School dedicated a room in the Executive Education area, JSOM 1.502, in Dr. Guisinger’s memory. The dedication coincided with GLEMBA efforts to become more engaging and relevant in the post-global financial crises economy. The GLEMBA Class of 2016, in recognition of Guisinger, proposed a new tradition of passing the Guisinger Globe during the second, third and fourth semesters of the program before passing the globe on to the incoming class.

EMBA Class of 2016 at the annual Welcome Reception

EMBA Class of 2016 at the
annual Welcome Reception

Welcome Reception

The annual Welcome Reception takes place each year during orientation. EMBA and GLEMBA students, alumni and faculty are encouraged to attend and meet the incoming class.

EMBA Class of 2017

EMBA Class of 2017 at the Friends and
Family Graduation

Friends and Family Graduation

In addition to the formal JSOM graduation ceremony, each May, the Executive MBA programs host an informal graduation dedicated to the class, their families, friends and employers. During the ceremony, outstanding achievement awards are presented for

  • Academic Achievement (highest GPA)
  • Class Leadership
  • Best Study Group Contributor
  • Teaching Excellence
  • The Finish Line Cup*

*The Finish Line Cup is awarded to the student who demonstrates leadership in pulling the class over the proverbial program finish line in the Executive MBA Program (only).

Dinner with the Director

GLEMBA Class of 2016 at the Annual Dinner with the Director

Dinner with the Director

During the orientation and the first retreat, our Global Leadership Executive MBA (GLEMBA) students are invited to the home of the program director for a relaxing and informal dinner. Students get to know each other and pitch their ideas for the countries that should be visited on the international study tour.