MSOM conference and SIG Meeting – Frequently Asked Questions

The Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM) Society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) is an organization whose purpose is to encourage discussion and interaction among individuals having an interest in manufacturing and service operations management and their relationship to the profession of operations research and the management science. More information.

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MSOM currently operates five Special Interest Groups (SIGs), representing to the extent practicable the varied interests of the Society members. SIGs are expected to maintain a set of activities that may include (but are not limited to) sessions at the INFORMS and international meetings as well as organizing a one-day, single-track conference one day prior to the annual MSOM Society Conference, which is called the SIG meeting.

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The SIG meeting takes on July 1, 2018, that is, one day before the MSOM conference, which takes place on July 2-3, 2018.

Presentations at the SIG meeting are typically longer and get a wider and possibly more dedicated audience as there are only these 5 sessions in parallel on that day.   In contrast, there are 10-12 sessions in parallel during the MSOM meeting and even though total attendance for the MSOM meeting is more, this total gets divided into more sessions so that each speaker generally gets a smaller audience.

Most people who attend the SIG Meeting also attend the MSOM conference.  You can register for both events at the same time via our website.

Note that the submission requirements are different for the MSOM conference and the SIG meeting.   For the MSOM conference you only need to submit an extended abstract.  For the SIG meeting you need to submit a full length paper.

Each year the MSOM society holds its annual meeting to an audience of 400 to 500 academics (professors, researchers and doctoral students) and practitioners in the field of operations management. Attendees come from around the world and form a vibrant, ethnically diverse community.

The conference is a great opportunity for researchers to share their work, receive feedback and learn about state-of-the art developments in the field of operations management. It also provides the attendees with the possibility of networking with distant colleagues and interacting with industry professionals. This year, attendees will get to enjoy summer days in beautiful Dallas, TX in an area which is close to world class museums, beautiful architecture and outstanding restaurants and shops. See Travel and Area Information tab for more information about what to do in the city and its surroundings.

If you would like to attend the MSOM conference and SIG meeting, you need to register for the events via this website. Giving a presentation at the conference is not required for registration.

If you would like to present your work you need to submit a manuscript before February 23, 2018. For the MSOM conference, you need to submit an extended abstract ( see guidelines). For the SIG meeting, you need to submit a full length paper (see guidelines).

The document you submit will be reviewed and a decision will be made as to whether or not it is accepted for oral presentation at the conference. Acceptance decisions for the SIG meeting will be given by March 23, 2018. Acceptance decisions for the MSOM conference will be given by April 20, 2018. Submissions which are not accepted for oral presentation at the SIG meeting will be considered for presentation at the MSOM conference. Submissions which are not accepted for oral presentation at the MSOM conference will be automatically accepted for a poster presentation at the MSOM conference.

The type of paper which is typically presented at the MSOM conference is a research paper targeted for publication in an academic journal on Operations Management.  Examples of such journals include Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Management Science, Operations Research, Production and Operations Management, European Journal of Operational Research, Naval Research Logistics, etc.   

We also welcome submissions from industry practitioners as long as the topic is of relevance to the Operations Management community and the object of the presentation is not the advertising of a product or service.

Below is a list of topics which are usually covered. This is the list you will be asked to choose from when submitting your extending abstract for review.

  • Service Operations
  • Healthcare Management
  • Finance/OM Interface
  • Inventory Management
  • Environmental/Sustainable Operations
  • Marketing/OM Interface
  • Supply Chain Management
  • OM Practice
  • IS/OM Interface
  • Pricing/Revenue Management
  • Contracts and Incentives
  • Economics/OM Interface
  • Capacity Planning
  • Technology Management
  • Behavioral OM
  • Humanitarian/Non-Profit Operations
  • Optimization
  • Retail/Assortment Planning
  • Energy Related Operations
  • Project Management
  • Product Development
  • Empirical OM
  • Quality Management

At the SIG meeting, the papers are more focused on 5 specific areas – corresponding to the 5 Special Interest Groups (SIG) within the MSOM Society, namely:

  • Healthcare Operations
  • Finance/OM interface (iFORM)
  • Service Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Operations

The submitted abstracts and papers will be evaluated using a blind review process. This means that no authors’ names or affiliations should appear on the abstracts submitted to the MSOM conference.

Authors who submit to a SIG will be notified by March 23, 2018. Authors who submit to the MSOM meeting will be notified by April 20, 2018. Papers who are not accepted for oral presentation at the SIG meeting will be transferred to the MSOM conference for consideration for oral presentation. Every abstract and paper submitted to the MSOM conference will be automatically accepted into a poster session if not accepted for oral presentation.

In 2018, the MSOM conference and SIG meeting is organized by the Naveen Jindal School of Management of the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).

Most of the academic sessions will take place at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. A keynote address (plenary session) is planned for the afternoon of July 2nd and will take place on the University of Texas at Dallas campus in Richardson, followed by a dinner reception. A shuttle bus service will be provided between the hotel and the campus.

Yes. Acceptance of a paper for oral or poster presentation and its inclusion in the conference program is conditional on at least one author registering for the conference.

Booking a room at the Hilton Anatole hotel is not required in order to attend the conference. However it is highly recommended. Participants who stay at the hotel will be close to all the action and will get to enjoy the wonderful amenities of this world-class facility. Plus, the room rate which has been negotiated for the conference is virtually unbeatable!

WiFi will be provided free of charge for the conference attendees in the presentation rooms at the Hilton Anatole hotel.

The conference registration fee includes the right to attend the academic sessions during the conference as well as the right to attend the meals which will be provided. Specifically, there will be breakfast and lunch provided on July 1 (for SIG meeting attendees) and July 2-3 (for MSOM meeting attendees), as well as a dinner reception on July 1 and July 2 (for MSOM attendees). There will also be coffee breaks on all three days. Finally, the registration fee also includes a registration packet with a bag and possibly, some surprise goodies.

Of course! You may bring guests to the conference. If you would like your guests to attend the dinner receptions (on July 1st and 2nd) you need to pay a guest fee at the time of registration. However, guests are not allowed to attend the academic sessions, breakfast, lunch and coffee break events. The Hilton Anatole hotel is family-friendly resort hotel with a long list of amenities and activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Yes. We certainly encourage industry practitioners to submit their work for consideration for an oral presentation at the MSOM conference or SIG meeting. The selection process is the same as for manuscripts submitted by academics.

No. We do not allow any advertising or selling of products and services during the MSOM conference and SIG meeting.

Yes, you may request a letter of invitation by notifying us at MSOM2018@utdallas.edu

Yes, it will be possible to register on site at the registration desk on July 1, 2 and 3. Payment by credit card will be preferred but checks and cash will also be accepted.

Please contact us at MSOM2018@utdallas.edu with the subject header “Childcare at MSOM” if you would like some information about possible childcare solutions during the SIG Meeting and MSOM conference.

Below is a pie chart showing the breakdown of a $700 registration fee into cost centers. Neither the MSOM Society nor The University of Texas at Dallas is making money from the conference. On the contrary, UT Dallas is partially subsidizing the event. If you compare to the registration fee for the annual INFORMS Conference for example, the MSOM Conference fee is only slightly higher, and, as per MSOM custom, you receive breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks every day. This conference, unlike previous ones, is taking place at a hotel, where catering costs are much higher than catering contracted through universities.

We chose to hold the conference at an outside venue because our campus, though large and beautiful, is located in Richardson, which is a 20- to 30-minute drive from the fun and culturally rich downtown Dallas experience.

Also note that regular members partially subsidize students who attend the conference and pay a much lower registration fee than the actual cost per participant. Consider this subsidy your way of contributing to the next generation of researchers in our field!

MSOM Registration Pie Chart

This year, 43% of the conference participants are students, and the remaining 57% have registered as regular participants. In terms of the country of origin of their institution, they are broken down as follows:

Conference Attendees by Origin of Institution
Rest of Asia3%
South America1%

This year, 62% of the conference participants attend both the SIG Meeting and the MSOM conference, 36% attend only the MSOM conference and 2% attend only the SIG Meeting.

For any other questions, contact us at MSOM2018@utdallas.edu.

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