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Workshops and Events

Jindal School of Management students in workshop events

The Career Management Center offers a variety of events that allow students to connect with employers, learn how to plan an effective job search and even interview with top companies.

The CMC hosts professional development workshops throughout the semester to prepare you for the career you want. Several of the workshops are provided by our employer partners, which represents a great opportunity to learn straight from the source and to build your network.

Check out our Upcoming Events page to learn about upcoming workshops held in JSOM.

Job and Internship Search

  • Planning your Job and Internship Search
  • Networking: the Art of Small Talk
  • Find a Job or Internship through LinkedIn
  • Make the Most of the Career Expo
  • LinkedIn and Networking for Experienced Professionals
  • The Long Distance Job Search
  • How to Apply for a Federal Job or Internship
  • Job Search Strategies for International Students

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

  • Get Started Writing Your Resume and Cover Letter
  • Resume Writing for Experienced Professionals
  • The Resume Roadshow
  • Business Writing Strategies

Interview Strategies

  • Dress for Success
  • Interviews: what to do and not to do
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Ace the Case: prepare for your Case Study Interview
  • Dynamic Interviewing

Career Planning

  • Business Etiquette Series
  • Veterans Professional Development Series
  • What I Wish I Learned in Business School
  • Academic Culture: the Role of Teacher and Student
  • Personal Finance
  • Best Places to Work

From classroom workshops to small group pod sessions, the CMC events cater to every JSOM student who will be seeking an internship or employment in the future.

Registration ensures a seat at events, but walk-ins are welcomed.

The CMC gives students the tools to build their professional network by bringing representatives from top companies onto campus and allowing students to attend networking mixers alongside top employers. These are excellent opportunities for students to make a good impression with CMC employer partners.

Please check out our Upcoming Events page to learn about upcoming networking mixers.

Registration ensures a seat at events.

Information sessions are put on by employers who would like to share about their company with JSOM students. Often, an information session is held in conjunction with a job position posted on Handshake so that the employer can meet eligible candidates for the position, or future positions, face to face. These allow students to learn about companies and also to become more than just a resume in a pile.

Please check out our Upcoming Events page to learn about upcoming information sessions.

Registration ensures a seat at events.

Mock Interview Events

Mock interviews allow students to interview with multiple companies, giving them practice with their interviewing skills, and allowing them to meet and discuss their skillset and qualifications with employers from top companies. In the past, students have done mock interviews with Lennox, Farmers Insurance, JC Penney, JPMorgan Chase, Raytheon, AT&T, State Farm and many more.

Mock Interview Pod Sessions

Mock interview pod sessions are conducted with a CMC Career Development Specialist to prepare students for possible upcoming interviews or to give them confidence and feedback about their interviewing skills. These are conducted just as real interviews. We encourage students to arrive early, dressed to impress and with a hard copy of their resume, just as they would a real interview.

Please check out our Upcoming Events page to learn about upcoming mock interviews.

Registration ensures a seat at events.

The CMC hosts a variety of events allowing students to interact in a Q&A format with employer representatives in either a large panel or a small group, round-table environment.

The JSOM Career Management Center collaborates with JSOM student organizations for employer events and workshops. If you have employer(s) attending your student organization events, please let us know by completing the form below.

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Events Notification Form

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