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Student Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy for Employment and Recruitment

The University of Texas at Dallas and Jindal School of Management is a nationally ranked, respected university with an outstanding reputation. All JSOM students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. JSOM has established a mandatory code of conduct and ethics policy for students. Failure to follow the policy guidelines will result in significant negative consequences as outlined below.

  1. Represent yourself accurately. Communicate an accurate and truthful representation of your academic and professional accomplishments, skills, and work authorization to employers on your application materials, resume and throughout the interview and recruitment process.
  2. Maintain your commitment to the employer. Students are expected to fulfill their commitment to attend a scheduled in-person, phone or video interview and to interview genuinely. A verbal, written, email, text or other communication that expresses your acceptance of an internship or job offer is a commitment. Upon acceptance of the offer, cancel any upcoming interviews, withdraw pending applications, and notify other employers that you are no longer a candidate. Note that reneging (backing out) of an internship/job offer is unprofessional and damages not only your professional reputation but also the university. Finally, follow through with your commitment to the established work schedule and the start and end dates of employment. Quitting a job or internship early or unexpectedly has negative consequences for the employer.
  3. Complete work responsibilities in an ethical manner. Note that violating company policies, engaging inIllegal activities or inappropriate/unprofessional behavior may result in employment termination in addition to the JSOM Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy consequences.

Consequences for Failure to Follow and to Meet the JSOM Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy

  1. You will be removed from the hireJSOM powered by Handshake recruiting portal and lose JSOM Career Management Center privileges for a period of at least one year.
  2. You will receive a course failure for your internship course and/or CPT internship course. Note that a CPT course failure results in the inability to complete a future CPT. All course tuition and fees will still be required.
  3. You will attend a required meeting with the JSOM Dean’s Office, Program Coordinator/Director and CMC representative.
  4. You have the potential for additional consequences to be determined by the review committee.
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