Abhi Biswas

Clinical Professor, Marketing

Abhi Biswas has a diverse background delivering numerous marketing management courses for MBA and EMBA programs over the past 20 years at Purdue University, Southern Methodist University, and at UTD. The courses that he teaches include, Principles of Marketing, Advertising and Promotions Management, Consumer Behavior and Brand Management. He has also developed and taught the capstone Marketing Strategy course, Pricing Management, Marketing Research, Product Management and International Marketing. 

1 Article Written

Super Bowl Ad Trends to Expect this Year
Super Bowl Ad Trends to Expect this Year

On Super Bowl Sunday, whether the game’s a good one or a great one, make sure you you don’t miss the real game within the game — the commercials. Prof. Biswas gives us a sneak peek of what Super Bowl ad trends to expect this year.

Written by Abhi BiswasFebruary 3

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