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iGLEMBA Recommendation Form

iGLEMBA Recommendation Form

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  • Your assessment of the applicant will greatly assist the admission committee in its decision. Recommendations are an important part of the application process, and your time in furnishing this information is appreciated. Recommendations are used for admissions purposes only and do not become part of the permanent record file of the student upon matriculation. Applicants do not have access to their recommendations. Please attach this form and email it from your personal or work email account to Your email will serve as the signature.

  • 4. Using the chart below, please give us your personal appraisal of the applicant relative to others you have known in a similar capacity. *
      Exceptional (Top 2%) Outstanding (Top 5%) Excellent (Top 15%) Good (Top 1/3) Average (Middle 1/3) Below Average (Bottom 1/3) Not Observed
    Intellectual Ability
    Ability to work with others
    Creativity and Imagination
    Oral Communication Skills
    Written Communication Skills
    Time Management Skills
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