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Jindal School alumni staying involved with JSOM events and activities

Connect with JSOM through JindalConnect. Our networking platform gives current students, alumni and community partners a robust database to foster opportunities for collaboration, mentorship and involvement.

Read about the various options JindalConnect has to offer especially for you. Cultivating meaningful connections may give you the support you need, and those connections ultimately may have the power to change your career.

What’s in It for Me?


JindalConnect gives you instant access to Jindal School alumni in your academic area who already have committed to helping students with résumés, internships or mentoring opportunities. In addition, JindalConnect allows you to connect with other JSOM students who, like you, are interested in growing their professional network, sharing best practices and more — maybe even getting together for study groups.


JindalConnect offers you the opportunity to grow your professional network with people who share your UT Dallas experience. You may reach out to other alums for advice as you advance in your career, connect with other Comets as you relocate to other parts of the nation or globe and offer advice and help to students at the Jindal School of Management who ask to connect with you.

JSOM Friends

JindalConnect welcomes those with ties to the Jindal School of Management because they have attended corporate events, serve now or in the past on one of the school’s many committees and boards, have spoken to classes or reached out to offer help and advice to faculty or students.


The simplest way to join is to go to jindalconnect.com and, using your LinkedIn profile, import your personal information. Take a few more moments to personalize your profile by using drop-down menus to indicate your interest in helping other students or alums with advice or mentoring. Joining will take you 90 seconds or less.

JindalConnect is different because it allows you to identify UT Dallas people who have intentionally indicated they want to help. And if you do initially show your willingness to mentor, offer advice or greet new Comets in your city, and then for whatever reason, you change your mind, a simple click on your personal JindalConnect profile takes you off the “Willing to Help” list.

Go to the Directory tab in the drop-down menu in the lefthand column of the JindalConnect homepage. On the right side are filters you can set for class year, degree, industry and more.

Yes. The “Say hello, ask for help, or just post what’s new on your mind” box in the center column under the photo at the top of the JindalConnect homepage offers a way to ask (and answer) questions. You also can “write a comment” under individual posts in the center column.


Periodically, you will receive an email newsletter from JindalConnect that will highlight one story, two upcoming events and some other information. It’s all on one page. If you want to read additional information, links will take you to individual stories.


For general questions, contact Catherine Callender, assistant director of alumni relations, at Catherine.Callender@utdallas.edu.

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