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Accounting Workshop Series

Seminar time in the Fall and Spring is Friday from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Due to COVID-19 all Spring 2020 Seminar’s were canceled.

Spring 2020
Date Seminar speaker (School) Location/University
3/27/2020 Brian Mittendorf Ohio State University
4/3/2020 Eric So MIT
4/10/2020 Fabrizio Ferri University of Miami
4/17/2020 Greg Miller University of Michigan
5/8/2020 Suresh Nallareddy Duke University
Fall 2019
Date Seminar speaker (School) Location/University
8/29/2019 Stan Markov UTD
8/30/2019 SMU/UTD Joint Workshop Joint Workshop Held at SMU this year.
9/6/2019 Xiumin Martin Washington University at St. Louis
9/12/2019 Xiaolu Zhou UTD
9/13/2019 Dain Donelson UT Austin
9/20/2019 Rachel Hayes University of Utah
9/27/2019 Stephen Ryan NYU
10/4/2019 Shiva Sivaramakrishnan Rice University
10/11/2019 Aleksander Aleszczyk NYU
10/15/2019 Ammon Butcher, Cameron Holstead & Jiapeng He UTD
10/22/2019 Bradley Nathan and Dongye Song UTD
Spring 2019
Date Seminar speaker (School)
3/8/19 Maria Ogneva – University of Southern California
3/15/19 Brad Badertscher – University of Notre Dame
3/29/19 John Core – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4/12/19 Joanna Wu – University of Rochester
4/18/19 (Thurs) Mary Barth – Stanford University
4/26/19 John McInnis – The University of Texas at Austin
4/30/19 (Tues) Martin Jacob – Otto Bensheim School of Management
5/3/19 Nathan Goldman- UTD
5/17/19 Katherine Schipper – Duke University
Fall 2018
Date Seminar speaker (School)
9/7/18 Lakshmanan Shivakumar (London Business School)
9/14/18 Rajiv Banker (Temple University )
10/26/18 Inder Khurana (University of Missouri )
11/9/18 Sonja Rego (Indiana University)
11/30/18 Jake Thornock (Brigham Young University)
Spring 2018
Date Seminar speaker (School)
3/23/18 Anwar Ahmed (Texas A&M)
3/30/18 Rahul Vashishtha (Duke)
4/6/18 Shane Heitzman (USC)
4/13/18 Henry Friedman (UCLA)
4/20/18 Carol Marquardt (CUNY)
4/27/18 Christian Leuz (Chicago)
5/4/18 Katherine Schipper (Duke)
Fall 2017
Date Seminar speaker (School)
9/1/17 llan Guttman (NYU)
9/8/17 K.Ramesh (Rice)
9/15/17 K.R. Subramanyam (USC)
9/22/17 Luo Zuo (Cornell)
9/29/17 Yiwei Dou (NYU)
10/6/17 Devendra Kale (UTD Phd Student)
10/6/17 Yu-Fang Chu (UTD Phd Student)
10/6/17 Chenchen Li (UTD Phd Student)
10/20/17 Emanuel Zur (Maryland)
10/27/17 Nandu Nagarajan (UT-Arlington)
11/7/17 Yaqin Hu (UTD Phd Student)

Normal seminar time in the Fall and Spring is Friday from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Spring 2015
Date Seminar speaker (school)
05/08/14 Doron Nissim
04/17/14 Dan Givoly
04/10/14 Rachel Hayes
04/01/14 Irem Tuna
03/26/14 C.S. Agnes Cheng
03/20/14 Xiao-Jun Zhang
03/13/14 Partha Mohanram
02/27/14 Peter Easton
01/30/14 Lone Star Conference
01/16/14 FARS Conference
Fall 2014
Date Seminar speaker (school)
12/12/14 Sunay Mutlu
11/28/14 Thanksgiving
11/14/14 Stephannie Larocque
11/07/14 JAE Conference
10/31/14 Ningzhong Li
10/24/14 RAST Conference
10/17/14 Mark Defond
10/10/14 Bin Li
09/26/14 Shiva Sivaramakrishnan
09/19/14 Sanjeev Bhojraj
09/12/14 Haresh Sapra
09/05/14 Shiva Rajgopal

Seminar time in the Fall and Spring is Friday from 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Spring 2014
Date Seminar speaker (school)
05/09/14 Mark Soliman (USC)
04/25/14 Rebecca Hann (Maryland)
04/18/14 Doug Skinner (Chicago)
04/11/14 Thomas Omer (Texas A&M)
04/04/14 Steven Baginski (Georgia)
03/28/14 Rashad Abdel-Khalik (UIUC)
01/13/14 Qiang Cheng (SMU, Singapore)
Fall 2013
Date Seminar speaker (school)
09/06/13 Meng Li (UTD)

Seminar time in the Fall is Friday from 2:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Seminar time in the Spring is Friday from 10:30 a.m. – noon

Spring 2013
Date Seminar speaker (school)
04/19/13 Anne Beatty (Ohio State)
04/12/13 Swaminathan Sridharan (Northwestern)
04/05/13 Charles Wasley (U. of Rochester)
03/29/13 Joe Weber (MIT)
03/22/13 Russ Lundholm (UBC)
03/01/13 Jake Thomas (Yale)
Fall 2012
Date Seminar speaker (school)
12/07/12 Eugene Soltes (Harvard)
11/16/12 Gord Richardson (Toronto)
10/05/12 Baruch Lev (NYU)
09/28/12 Jenny Zhang (UBC)
09/21/12 Ningzhong Li (UTD)

Seminar time in the Fall is Friday from 2:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Seminar time in the Spring is Friday from 10:30 a.m. – noon

Spring 2012
Date Seminar speaker (school)
05/18/12 JAR Conference
04/20/12 Gord Richardson (U Toronto)
04/13/12 Charlie Wasley (Rochester)
04/06/12 Zoe-Vonna Palmrose (USC)
03/30/12 Mark Bradshaw (BC)
01/27/12 Lone Star Conference
01/06/12 FARS Conference
Fall 2011
Date Seminar speaker (school)
12/02/11 Rookie Recruiting Camp (U of Miami)
11/18/11 RAS/FEA Conference
11/04/11 Mort Pincus (UC-Irvine)
10/28/11 Ron Shalev (NYU)
09/30/11 Ted Goodman (UA)

Unless otherwise noted, the papers presented are preliminary drafts. Please do not quote without the author’s permission.

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
04/22/11 Andrew Leone Univ of Miami
04/08/11 Mo Khan MIT
03/25/11 Ole-Kristian Hope Univ of Toronto Relationship-Specificity, Contract Enforceability, and Income Smoothing
03/11/11 Jieying Zhang USC Debt Covenants and Risk Taking
02/04/11 Guang Ma UT Dallas The Market Reaction to Meeting or Beating the Concensus
11/05/10 Jennifer Francis Duke University Credibility, Commitment and Voluntary Environmental Disclosures
10/29/10 Regina Wittenberg Moerman Univ of Chicago The Role of Bank Reputation in “Certifying” Future Performance Implications of Borrower’ Accounting Numbers
01/08/10 Yuanto Kusnadi City Univ of Hong Kong Insider Trading Laws Enforcement and Corporate Investment
10/01/10 Christian Leuz Univ of Chicago Capital-Market Effects of Securities Regulation: The Role of Implementation and Enforcement
09/24/10 Orie Barron Penn State Earnings Announcement Disclosures That Spur Differenced in Interpretations
09/10/10 Darren Roulston Ohio State Googling for Information Around Earnings Announcements
08/20/10 Rebecca Files UT Dallas


Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
04/30/10 Shuling Wu UT Dallas
04/23/10 Gordon Richardson Toronto
04/16/10 Eamonn Walsh UCD
04/02/10 Stan Markov UT Dallas Analyst Tipping: Additional Evidence
03/26/10 Michael Clement UT Austin The Relative Profitability of Analysts’ Stock Recommendations: What Role Does Investor Sentiment Play?
02/12/10 Terry Shevlin U. Washington Real Effects of Accounting Rules: Evidence from Multinational Firms’ Investment Location and Profit Repatriation Decisions
02/05/10 Ilia Dichev

Emory Higher Risk, Lower Returns: What Hedge Fund Investors Really Earn
01/15/10 Jerry Zimmerman Rochester A Unified Framework of Management Earnings Forecasts: Voluntary, Opportunisitic and Disclose or Abstain Incentives
12/04/09 Weining Zhang UT Dallas CEO Tenure and Financial Reporting Quality
11/20/09 Kathy Petroni Michigan State What Is the Impact of Eliminating the Reconciliation Between IFRS and US GAAP? Early Evidence
11/06/09 Carol Marquardt City Univ of New York Why Do Managers Avoid EPS Dilution?
10/30/09 Umit Gurun UT Dallas Good News Is Endogenous
10/23/09 Gil Sadka Columbia Capacity Utilization, Profit Margins and Stock Returns
10/09/09 Anwer Ahmed Texas A&M The Effect of Mandatory Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards in Accounting Quality: Preliminary Evidence
10/02/09   Suresh Radhakrishnan UT Dallas Implicit/Explicit Incentives and Management Earnings Forecasts
09/18/09 Richard Mendenhall Notre Dame Who, if Anyone, Reacts to Accrual Information?


Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
05/01/09 Paul Zarowin NYU Economic Consequences of Real and Accrual-Based Earnings Management Activities
04/10/09 Dan Dhaliwal Univ. of Arizona Do Mandatory Pension Contributions Lead to Increases in Firms’ Cost of Debt?
01/30/09 Ranjani Krishnan Michigan State University Accounting Performance, Cost Structure, and Firms’ Capacity Investment Decisions
12/05/08 Daniel Lanier TCU Customer Profitability Analysis and Market Valuation: Differential Pricing and the Comparative Profitability of Major Customer Sales
11/07/08 William Baber George Washington University Investor Perceptions of the Earnings Quality Consequences of Hiring an Affiliated Auditor
10/31/08 Shyam Sunder Yale University Are Regulatory Mandate and Independence Neccessary for Audit Quality?
10/24/08 Wayne Thomas Univ. of Oklahoma Capital Market Consequences of Conference Presentations
10/17/08 April Klein NYU The Implication of Hedge Fund Activisim on the Target Fund’s Existing Bondholders
09/19/08 Shiva Rajgopal Univ of Washington Geography and the Incidence of Financial Misreporting
09/11/08 Jeff Callen University of Toronto An Analytical and Empirical Measure of the Degree of Conservatism