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Student Experience - PPA

Professional Program in Accounting

What’s It Like to Be in PPA?

Recruiting Process

The Professional Program in Accounting is the best resource to help students get noticed by top public accounting firms. As a PPA student, you will have opportunities to attend recruiting events such as classroom presentations, social mixers, office visits and more. Public accounting firms actively recruit PPA students and build deep connections in hopes to secure them for internships and full-time placements.

Access to Lounge

The PPA Lounge serves as a communal space for our members to focus on their studies while also building their community. Students have access to conference rooms, study areas, monitors for presentations, and more.

PPA Events

As a member of PPA, you will attend several socials and events. We do our best to build a strong community within PPA, and what better way to do so than all hang out together on and off campus!

Kickball tournament

Kickball Tournament

This will be the PPA’s fourth annual kickball tournament. Students will split into teams and spend the afternoon in some fun, friendly competition! RSM will host the tournament and bring professionals to interact with the students.

PPA Fall Tournament

PPA Fall Social

We host a social in the fall for all PPA classes. This is a great time for classes to interact and celebrate the fall semester.

PPA Graduation Lunch

Graduation Lunch

The program directors host a lunch for the graduating bachelor’s degree class.

Kick-Off Social

The kickoff social is the first opportunity for PPA 13 students to meet fellow classmates and get to know each other. KPMG will host the social, providing a networking lunch and a soft skills presentation.

PPA Holiday Party

The PPA Holiday Party is a great way for students to connect outside the classroom and build friendships with other PPA students. Moss Adams will host the Holiday Party this year and will bring professionals to join in on the networking and fun!

Recruiting Events in the Spring (BKD Community Service, Etiquette Lunch, Case Comp)

We hold several recruiting events hosted by different firms throughout the spring semester. BKD will host a community service event; BDO will host an etiquette lunch; and LGT will host the case competition.

Alumni Event

PPA alumni gather at a venue in Dallas for an evening of reconnecting and fun!

Graduation Dinner

The program directors host a dinner for the graduating master’s degree class.

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