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Curriculum - Professional Program in Accounting

Courses by Year

Freshman Year – Sample Courses

Fall – 16 Semester Credit Hours Spring – 15 Semester Credit Hours
BA 1100* Business Basics BA 1320 Business in a Global World OR
ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics
Life & Physical Science Core OPRE 3333 Quantitative Business Analysis
HIST 1301 U.S. History Survey to Civil War HIST 1302 U.S. History Survey from Civil War
MATH 1325 Applied Calculus I MATH 1326 Applied Calculus II OR
PHIL 2303 Introduction to Logic
RHET 1302 Rhetoric COMM 1315 Public Speaking
UNIV 1010 Freshman Seminar ACCT 3100* Professional Development
Creative Arts Core  

Sophomore Year – Sample Courses

Fall – 15 Semester Credit Hours Spring – 15 Semester Credit Hours
ACCT 2301 Introductory Financial Accounting ACCT 2302 Introductory Management Accounting
BLAW 2301 Business and Public Law ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics
ITSS 3300 Information Technology for Business GOVT 2306 State and Local Government
Life & Physical Science Core OPRE 3360 Managerial Methods in Decision Making Under Uncertainty OR
STAT 3360 Probability and Statistics for Management and Economics
GOVT 2305 American National Government Language, Phil & Culture Core
Free Elective  

Junior Year – Sample Courses

Fall – 16 Semester Credit Hours Spring – 16 Semester Credit Hours***
BCOM 3310 Professional Development ACCT 3332 – PPA Section Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACCT 3331 Intermediate Financial Accounting I ACCT 3101 – PPA Lyceum*
ACCT 3341 Cost Management Systems ACCT 3350 – PPA Section Fundamentals of Taxation
FIN 3320 Business Finance OPRE 3310 Operations Management
BA 4095 Social Sector Engagement and Community Outreach Practicum OR
ENTP 4340 Social Sector Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement
MKT 3300 Introduction to Professional Selling
Free Elective OBHR 3300 Professional Development
  UNIV 1010 Freshman Seminar

Senior Year – Sample Courses

Fall – 18 Semester Credit Hours Spring – 14 Semester Credit Hours
ACCT XXX – PPA Section  
ACCT 4334 – PPA Section Auditing ACCT 4342 – PPA Section Analysis and Design of Accounting Systems
BCOM 4350 Advanced Business Communication ACCT 4V80 Internship
BPS 4305 Strategic Management ACCT 6353 – PPA Section (fast track)**
IMS 3310 International Business ACCT 6335 – Ethics – (fast track)
  ACCT 6V98 – internship (reserve for graduate credit)

Graduate Year – Sample Courses

Summer/Fall – 21 Semester Credit Hours Spring – 6 Semester Credit Hours
ACCT 6374 Data Analytics for Accountants and Auditors ACCT Elective(CPA Course)**
ACCT 6333 Advanced Financial Reporting ACCT Elective(CPA Course)**
ACCT 6373 Advanced Audit  
ACCT 6365 Gov. & NFP  
ACCT Elective  
ACCT Elective  
ACCT Elective  

* Denotes a 1 hour course.

** PPA students must meet the requirements for the CPA exam prior to taking these courses.

***It is highly recommended not to take night classes this semester as there are various recruiting events in the evenings.

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