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Research Track - Proposed 2019

MS in Accounting

The Research Track is designed for students with various educational background who intend to pursue a doctoral degree (PhD) with an accounting concentration at leading universities.

Program pre-requisite (1 semester credit hour)

  • MAS 6102 Professional Development (Can be waived if ACCT 6388 is chosen as an elective)

Common Core (9 semester credit hours)

  • ACCT 6330 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
  • ACCT 6331 Cost Accounting
  • ACCT 6332 Intermediate Financial Accounting II

Electives (12 semester credit hours)

Choose 12 semester credit hours of JSOM masters/Ph.D level courses with at least 6 credit hours with an ACCT prefix. Students interested in pursuing a second master’s degree in Business Analytics or Finance should choose the appropriate courses to facilitate the double degree option. Students planning to pursue doctoral degree in accounting are advised to take the following electives to gain relevant institutional knowledge.

  • ACCT 6334 Auditing
  • ACCT 6344 Financial Statement Analysis
  • ACCT 6350 Fundamentals of Taxation
  • ACCT 6368 Analysis of Corporate Disclosures

Track-related Core (15 semester credit hours)

  • ACCT 7323 Empirical Research in Accounting and Economics
  • BUAN 6312 Applied Econometrics and Time Series Analysis
  • FIN 6350 Advanced Corporate Finance
  • MECO 6303 Business Economics or MECO 6345 Advanced Managerial Economics
  • OPRE 6301 Statistics and Data Analysis

Note: These curriculum changes are still pending full UT Dallas Academic Governance approval for the fall 2019 catalog. Students on the current degree plan may opt into the new degree plan after the catalog is officially published in the summer by completing the Change of Catalog Form with their graduate advisor. If students opt into the new degree plan, they may not revert to the prior degree plan.

As accounting students, you can enrich your curricular experience by engaging with a variety of mentors, including peer, faculty and industry mentors. Students also can engage with each other and with industry representatives through a variety of student organizations focused on accounting.

Accounting Student Organizations
jsom student organization members

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Through ProConnect, a project program the Jindal School Accounting Area offers, 222 MS in Accounting students had the opportunity to gain from experiential learning by providing consulting services to 53 firms in the Dallas Metroplex during academic year 2017-2018.

Job titles and salaries associated with this track*

  • Research/Teaching positions after completing PhD $80,000 – $150,000
  • Data Analyst $61,000 – $130,000
  • Forensic Accountant $78,000 – $150,000
  • Security Analyst $62,000 – $103,000
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Financial Reporting Staff $70,000 – $129,000

National median salary (Salary range)**

  • $103,100 – $180,000

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MS in Accounting Career Outcomes

* Source for full-time job and salary information: Glassdoor.com

** Sources for Salary and job information: NACE Salary Survey – Fall 2018, Robert Half 2019 Salary Guide, Financial Additions Salary Guide for DFW, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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