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Graduate Certificate in Research Foundations in Accounting

Graduate Certificate in Research Foundations in Accounting class

Students who aspire to pursue accounting PhD programs at leading international universities will learn tools to be successful in their research endeavors in this one year on-campus program. It will introduce them to research methods that are the foundations for scientific rigor pertaining to issues in accounting.

Students who have graduated from this program have been admitted to accounting doctoral programs at University of Buffalo, University of Minnesota, University of Texas at Dallas, Tulane University and Washington University St. Louis.

Note for international students: Upon admission to this program, students will be eligible to obtain an F-1 Visa.

Apply Now

This graduate certificate program is designed to prepare students who are passionate to pursue doctoral programs of international repute. Jindal School MS in Accounting students who take the requisite courses need to apply to obtain this graduate certificate.

Any students from the Jindal School, UT Dallas or other national and international university interested in determining their fit for pursuing a doctoral program in accounting can apply for this program.

Suresh Radhakrishnan, PhD
Director, Graduate Certificate in Research Foundations in Accounting

For more information, contact:

Kathleen Milam Administrative Assistant, Graduate Certificate in Research Foundations in Accounting
  • Applicants must be on track to complete a bachelor’s degree program with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 over the last 60 semester credit hours when they start the Graduate Certificate in Research Foundations in Accounting.
  • Students currently enrolled in master’s degree programs at UT Dallas and elsewhere can apply.
  • The applicant’s detailed résumé and two letters of recommendation from faculty will be evaluated for the applicant’s interest in conducting research and inclination to pursue a career in academia.
    • Students currently enrolled in the MS in Accounting program at UT Dallas and interested in taking the courses for this certificate, should have a minimum GPA in the program of 3.33.

Prerequisite: MECO 6303 Business Economics or equivalent and OPRE 6303 Quantitative Foundations of Business or equivalent. Waiver needs to be obtained at the time of admission to the program.

Application materials include:

  • Online application
  • Résumé
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty emphasizing the students research abilities
  • Statement of purpose
  • A transcript from applicant’s undergraduate school
  • GMAT (recommended)
  • TOEFL (required for international students)

Send transcripts to:

Kathleen Milam
School of Management, SM 41
The University of Texas at Dallas
800 West Campbell Rd.
Richardson, Texas 75080-3021

Application Procedure:

Applications are reviewed upon receipt of the online application:

  • Candidates are notified shortly after the admission decision has been made.
  • Early submission of all application materials is strongly recommended.

Semester Credit Hours:

The certificate is awarded upon successful completion of 15 semester credit hours. The program is completed in one academic year in two semesters, the fall and the spring.

Fall Semester: 9 credit hours of course work.

Spring Semester: 6 credit hours of course work.

Required Courses:

  • ACCT 7323 Empirical Research in Accounting and Economics
  • BUAN 6312 Applied Econometrics and Time Series Analysis
  • FIN 6350 Advanced Corporate Finance or ACCT 7324 Empirical Research in Financial Accounting
  • MECO 6303 Business Economics or MECO 6345 Advanced Managerial Economics
  • OPRE 6301 Statistics and Data Analysis or ACCT 7314 Empirical Research in Financial Reporting

Graduate Certificate in Research Foundations in Accounting

Tuition for the graduate certificate program is $20,000 for non-Texas residents. Tuition for Texas residents is $12,000. Tuition is billed in the first and second semesters. The first installment of $12,000 for non-Texas residents ($8,000 for Texas residents) is due upon initial enrollment in the first semester. The second installment of $8,000 for non-Texas residents ($4,000 for Texas residents) is due by the beginning of the second semester.

Financial Aid

For U.S. students who enroll as non-degree-seeking in the graduate certificate program, there are several sources for long-term educational loans based on the creditworthiness of the borrower.

More information is available by contacting Paula Baxter, Executive Education Financial Services Manager: (972) 883-4114.


There are no scholarships available for this program.

Due date for application: April 30, 2021 for Fall 2021 admission.