Marketing PhD Students

Our marketing faculty develops world–class scholars that explore careers in research and teaching at universities and within industry. Students and graduates of the doctoral program in operations management can look forward to educating future practitioners and researchers in the concepts and analytical techniques needed to understand and advance scientific solutions to the problems currently faced by marketing managers.

Also see former marketing PhD students and their teaching or industry appointments.

Former Marketing PhD Students



Teaching/Industry Appointment

2012 Marina Girju DePaul University
2012 Sonika Singh University of Technology, Sydney
2011 David Richardson Illinois Institute of Technology
2011 Sungha Jang Kent State University
2010 Chao-Ying (Joan) Yu Brinker International
2009 Manish Gangwar Indian School of Business
2008 Shweta Singh Texas Women’s University
2008 Howard Dover Salisbury University
2008 Dongling Huang Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2005 Taesun Kim LIM College
2005 Erin Steffes Towson University
2004 Anand Krishnamoorthy University of Central Florida
2003 Hurrem Yilmaz SUNY at Oneonta
1999 Chris Anthony Myers Texas A&M University
1998 Niladri B. Syam University of Houston
1997 Nagasimha Balakrishna The Indian Institute of Management
1995 Shuba Srinivasan University of California, Riverside
1994 Steve Westberg Hiner and Partners, Inc
1994 Demetrios Vakratsas McGill University
1994 Trichy Krishnan National University of Singapore
1993 Ralph Kauffman University of Houston, Clear Lake (Retired)
1992 Peter Popkowski Leszczyc University of Alberta
1991 Giles D’Souza University of Alabama
1991 Minakshi Trivedi The State University of New York
1991 Marci Armstrong Southern Methodist University
1990 Paddy Padmanabhan INSEAD, Singapore
1990 Charles Gengler Baruch University-CUNY
1990 Michael Morgan Savitz Research Solutions
1989 Y. Edwin Tang National Chiao Tung University
1988 Mark Parry University of Missouri-Kansas City
1988 Kay Keck Thunderbird School of Global Management
1987 Steve Perkins Burke Research
1987 Dipak Jain Northwestern University
1986 Linda Jamieson Providence College
1986 John A. Norton Connaught Group, LTD
1985 Kalyan Raman Northwestern University