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The Jindal School of Management is pleased to provide digital copies of its award winning MANAGEMENT Magazine. If you would like to receive future issues of MANAGEMENT Magazine please send an email to the Managing Editor.

Most Recent Issues

Spring 2021 MANAGEMENT Magazine Making Our Way Forward

Spring 2021

Interactive PDF PDF Spring 2021
Autumn 2020 MANAGEMENT Magazine Endurance – Meeting Student Needs

Autumn 2020

Interactive PDF PDF Autumn 2020
Autumn 2019 MANAGEMENT Magazine New Directions…

Autumn 2019

Interactive PDF PDF Autumn 2019
Spring 2019 MANAGEMENT Magazine Expanding Our Territory

Spring 2019

Interactive PDF PDF Spring 2019
Spring 2018 MANAGEMENT Magazine Envisioning the Future

Spring 2018

Interactive PDF PDF Spring 2018
Autumn 2017 MANAGEMENT Magazine 20th Anniversary of MANAGEMENT Magazine

Autumn 2017

Interactive PDF PDF Autumn 2017
Spring 2017 MANAGEMENT Magazine A Different Approach to Success

Spring 2017

Interactive PDF PDF Spring 2017
Autumn 2016 MANAGEMENT Magazine Engage with the Jindal School

Autumn 2016

Interactive PDF PDF Autumn 2016
Spring 2016 MANAGEMENT Magazine Celebrating 40 Years of Tradition

Spring 2016

Interactive PDF PDF Spring 2016
Autumn 2015 MANAGEMENT Magazine Traditions Take Hold

Autumn 2015

Interactive PDF PDF Autumn 2015
Spring 2015 MANAGEMENT Magazine Student + Faculty + Programs = Value Added

Spring 2015

Interactive PDF PDF Spring 2015
Autumn 2014 MANAGEMENT Magazine Moving Forward

Autumn 2014

Interactive PDF PDF Autumn 2014
Spring 2014 MANAGEMENT Magazine The Heart and The Art of JSOM

Spring 2014

Interactive PDF PDF Spring 2014
Autumn 2013 MANAGEMENT Magazine Contributing to Student Success

Autumn 2013

Interactive PDF PDF Autumn 2013
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