Jindal Young Scholars Program

Jindal Young Scholar students whooshing with Temoc

The Jindal Young Scholars Program is a partnership between The University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management and the Dallas Independent School District.

The program’s purpose is to support the academic, social and emotional development of Dallas ISD students and increase their chances of postsecondary readiness for collegiate and career success.

The JYSP mission is simple – prepare high school students for college by:

  • Addressing critical academic needs of students
  • Promoting a culture of academic excellence
  • Instilling a mindset of achievement

JYSP aims to provide students with:

  • Effective strategies for school
  • Help in removing obstacles to academic success
  • Confidence and hope

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Julio Tovar

Julio Tovar

BS in Accounting

“I am honored to receive the JYSP Scholarship, as I know that only very few get the chance to receive it and the opportunity to study without worrying about how to pay for college. This scholarship will allow me, upon graduation, to pursue a career in which I can support my family and myself and provide a higher standard of living than we have.”

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Billy Schewee

Billy Schewee

Jindal Young Scholars Program



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Archie Nettles

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Doug Anderson

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