BS BA with Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) at The University of Texas, Dallas (UTD) Naveen Jindal School of Management is a 120 semester credit hour specialized degree program that prepares the student for a professional career in Human Resource Management. The concentration in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources (OBHR) prepares students to motivate and manage the organization’s most important asset – human capital. Additionally, the OBHR concentration offers students theoretical and practical training aligning people inside an organization with the ability to enrich strategy execution and improve company performance. In addition to core courses on key human resource issues, the OBHR concentration features a capstone course bringing together the people architecture for real world business.

Selecting OB and HR Management as a concentration provides students with an almost endless section of possibilities for their career. Students are encouraged to tailor their experience through the use of internships and practicums so they may pinpoint their interests and talents. Given organizations’ continuous need for qualified managers, those with a concentration in OBHR are well positioned to obtain positions ranging from mid-level all the way to the top of the organization.

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Connect with the Director

One of the biggest challenges faced by any organization is the creation of an infrastructure that enables it employees to thrive. Students can meet this challenge by selecting from courses in talent acquisition, training and development, organizational change, compensation, performance management, leadership, negotiations, employment law, global human resources, and others. To learn more about the concentration in OBHR and the exciting career opportunities available to our graduates, please contact me and schedule a visit. I look forward to meeting you and discussing this exciting career path.


People are at the heart of every organization. Leaders confirm this belief and share that it is probably the most difficult area in the organization to “get right.” Yet when they do, organizations grow and prosper to the betterment of their employees, customers, communities, and shareholders. By combining a solid business core with specialized training in organizational behavior and human resources, our students are well positioned to secure important positions in HR enabling them to lead efforts and assist in growing the organization.

Dallas, Texas is a strategic headquarters’ choice for many organizations with tremendous future growth projected. This not only produces a high demand for graduates with training in Human Resource Management, but provides our students with access to HR professionals, thought leaders, and hands-on learning opportunities. We seek to connect students to these, through internships, speakers, and corporate site tours including job shadowing. UT-Dallas also boasts an active student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the premier organization for HR professionals.

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