BS BA with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration

BSBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration (BSBA IE) gives students the opportunity to gain expertise across all areas of entrepreneurship theory and practice. This concentration gives students an opportunity to learn the nitty-gritty of building a business from the ground up, whether it’s within a larger organization or from scratch as a startup venture. This concentration requires 24 hours of coursework while offering undergrads a lot of flexibility to focus on specific interests. Electives range from entrepreneurial finance to innovation and creativity to digital marketing. Graduates of this program often pursue positions as founders or key managers in young companies or as innovation leaders at established firms.

This program offers these advantages:

  • Faculty not only conduct research, but many have worked in startups.
  • In the past, students have landed internships and projects with startups and established technology firms.
  • Professionals from area industries are frequent guests on campus willing to share their experiences.
  • Students have opportunities to take part in outstanding programs such as the UT Dallas Business Idea Competition, Entrepreneurship Club and Distinguished Speaker Series.
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Innovation drives the global economy and accounts for most of the net new job creation each year. Opportunities in the global “innovation economy” will involve people who can use innovation to create exceptional value for their customers. This concentration is designed to prepare you for an exciting career at the forefront of our global innovation economy.

In addition to a rigorous curriculum and an exceptional classroom experience, we offer students multiple opportunities to meet, learn from and network with leading industry professionals, including entrepreneurs, investment professionals and executives from major technology companies. Students are encouraged to compete in the annual UT Dallas Business Idea Competition, participate in the Entrepreneurship Club events and Distinguished Speaker Series, work as interns in startup companies through the UT Dallas Venture Development Center, and get involved in the community outreach programs of the award-winning UT Dallas Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Madison Pedigo, MBA, CPA

Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Degree Programs

This concentration requires 24 credit hours to complete. Of that, 12 credit hours are core courses and 12 hours are electives.

Core Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses:

Concentration electives (12 hours – at least 3 hours must have ENTP prefix):

This is one example of course sequence for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship concentration. Courses may be taken in any order, as long as prerequisites are met.

Sophomore Junior Senior
ENTP 3301
ENTP 3360
Entrepreneurial Finance
ENTP 3320
Startup Launch
ENTP 4311
Entrepreneurial Strategy
ENTP 4330
Entrepreneurial Marketing
ENTP 4320
Small Business Management
ENTP 4350
Corporate Entrepreneurship
ENTP 4340
Social Entrepreneurship
ENTP 4360
Innovation and Creativity
ENTP 4v90
ENTP 4v90

Any UT Dallas undergraduate student may earn a minor degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, regardless of the degree that student is pursuing. A minor requires 18 hours of coursework as follows:

General business (both courses):

Innovation and Entrepreneurship core (select three courses from the following):

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Electives (select one of the following):

  • Any ENTP core course (above) not taken
  • ENTP 3320/ENTP 3321 Startup Launch I/II
  • ENTP Social Entrepreneurship
  • ENTP Innovation and Creativity
  • ENTP 4V90 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Internship

Monica Raofpur (BS- Marketing)

Cloud CRM Sales Consultant at Oracle
Placed in top 10 of the 2012-2013 national Collegiate Sale Open

“The entrepreneurship courses I took helped me understand how businesses operate and what it takes to create and deliver a winning business presentation.”

Eric Sutter (BSBA With I&E Concentration)

Founder and President, EMS Barcode Solutions

“The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration was extremely helpful in providing the background I needed to launch my own business after graduation. Advice from faculty was also terrific. My company launched in 2011 and is doing very well.”

Mindy Tiu (B.S. in Marketing and B.S in Business Administration-I&E Concentration)

Commercial Leadership Program, General Electric Company
Team member on the 2012 BIC winning YouPark Team

“The I&E courses have been extremely valuable for me. I’m learning skill sets that will help me whether I work for a large company or decide to start my own business someday.”