Top Trader Stock Market Competition

The University of Texas at Dallas is very excited to present the 6th annual Top Trader Competition. Throughout the summer program, members will be exposed to the world of investment management, from basic investment strategies to credit default swaps. We have recruited some of our best faculty and students to help teach, as well as to answer any questions that may arise. The goal is simple: who can take the skills learned throughout the program and apply them to make the most money in our virtual simulator? Do you have what it takes to be the TOP TRADER?

Registration for 2016 is now closed.

Top Trader

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Program Overview

6th Annual Top Trader Competition

With an initial balance of $1 million dollars of virtual currency, members can invest in bonds, stocks, and various financial derivatives. Not quite sure what financial derivatives are? Not to worry, our modern instructional videos and various checkpoints will teach you. Our knowledgeable and friendly advisors, comprised of professors and some of our ambitious students, many of whom manage their own portfolios, will be able to answer any questions you may have as well as act as a sounding board for your investing ideas. If that still doesn’t excite you, we are offering a variety of prizes to the best of the best, while allowing you to earn knowledge certificates along the way.

The Details

  • Cost is $50 per student for those signing up by June 1, 2016; cost is $75 from June 2, 2016 through June 15th, 2016.
  • Contest is conducted 100% online and campus attendance is not required to participate.
  • Competition runs Monday, June 6, 2016, through Friday, July 22, 2016. Note: Trading will officially start on Monday, June 6, 2016.
  • A computer with a high-speed internet connection is required to access the web-based trading program.
  • Prizes will be awarded to individuals who place in the “Elite 10″ during the Awards Banquet.
  • To participate one must be a legal resident or citizen and have a valid social security number.
  • An awards banquet will be held on Saturday, August 13, 2016 at the university.
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Financial Education

In addition to the competition itself, the program also contains a more formal teaching aspect. We have divided what members learn into two sections, each with their own set of modules. The first area focuses on investment knowledge, while the second focuses on personal finance skills. After completing each module, you will take a short quiz. After passing the quiz you will be issued a certificate. If you have passed 2 quizzes by August 1, your account will be given another $100,000 virtual dollars to invest. Additionally, if you have passed all four quizzes you be given an additional $200,000 virtual dollars to invest. In addition to this, if you make a B or above on every exam you’ll be entered to win another prize. There will be a prize for each certificate for a total of four prizes.

Below, you will find a preliminary list of the topics covered under each certificate. Members will be given access to the “Canvas” platform where videos can be found for each topic area.

Another Competition Prize

Once a student completes the required video list and makes an 80% on each exam (4 chances), he/she will be placed in a drawing for other prizes. We will have a drawing for each certificate level.

Certificate of Basic Investment Knowledge Level I – Course Topics

  1. Introduction to interest
  2. Interest
  3. Time Value of Money
  4. Discounted Cash Flows
  5. Fundamental Cash Flows
  6. Introduction to Balance Sheets
  7. More on balance sheets and equity
  8. What it means to buy a company’s stock
  9. Price and Market Capitalization
  10. Introduction to the Income Statement
  11. Earnings and EPS
  12. Introduction to the Price-to-Earnings Ratio
  13. P/E Discussion
  14. Bonds vs. Stock
  15. Introduction to Compound Interest
  16. Annual Percentage Rate and Effective Annual Rate
  17. Introduction to Bonds
  18. Relationship between bond prices and interest rates
  19. Open-Ended Mutual Fund
  20. Closed-End Mutual Funds
  21. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  22. Does short selling work?
  23. Diversification and Correlation

Certificate of Basic Investment Knowledge Level II – Course Highlights

  1. Complete Level I of Basic Investment Knowledge
  2. Shorting a Stock
  3. Put Options
  4. Call Options
  5. Currency Exchange and Trading
  6. Futures Contracts
  7. Hedge Funds
  8. Hedge Fund Strategies
  9. The Yield Curve
  10. Efficient Market Hypothesis
  11. Credit Default Swaps
  12. Mortgage Backed Securities
  13. Beta, CAPM and Standard Deviation
  14. Becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst

Certificate of Personal Finance Knowledge Level I – Course Highlights

  1. Introduction to interest
  2. Introduction to Compound Interest
  3. The Rule of 72 for Compound Interest
  4. Renting vs. Buying a Home
  5. Renting vs. Buying a Home (part 2)
  6. Leasing vs. Buying a Car
  7. 401(k)s
  8. Traditional IRAs
  9. Roth IRAs
  10. Payday Loans
  11. Credit and Debt
  12. Budgeting
  13. Financial Planning for Teens
  14. Introduction to Taxes

Certificate of Personal Finance Knowledge Level II – Course Highlights

  1. Complete Level I of Personal Finance Knowledge
  2. Term vs. Whole Life Insurance
  3. Estate Planning and Taxes
  4. Human Capital
  5. Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance
  6. Personal Bankruptcy: Chapters 7 and 13
  7. Risk Tolerance
  8. Calculating Needs for Financial Goals
  9. Becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

Faculty Videos

Meet Some Faculty, Staff and Students at the Naveen Jindal School of Management

While the investment competition is arguably the more exciting part of the program, the educational videos and quizzes will give large dividends in terms of financial knowledge in both the short and long term.

Below, you will find many videos from our staff and faculty about what they wished they had learned about investing and personal finance before going to college.

Matt Polze

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students

Professor Polze teaches business law at UT Dallas and also serves as one of the Associate Deans of Undergraduate Education. Watch and listen to Professor Polze discuss the important of education and the economic impact it provides to students.

Monica Powell, PhD.

Associate Dean of Graduate Education

Dr. Powell serves as the Associate Dean of Graduate Education at the Jindal School of Management. She helps oversee the school’s nationally recognized graduate and MBA programs.  Dr. Powell discusses some money lessons she learned early in life that she still uses today.

Program Testimonials

You have probably already heard a lot of the great things the competition provides, but here are some testimonials from former competitors and the President of the DFW Financial Planning Association.

Cliff Layfield
President, DFW Financial Planning Association

This is the DFW Financial Planning Association’s second year to endorse the competition. Watch and listen to Mr. Layfield, President of the DFW FPA, talk about the benefits of financial planning, the DFW FPA and the Top Performer Competition.

Top Performer Competition in the Media