Texas Deans Annual Conference

Annual Meeting – Council of Texas Deans

October 27-28, 2013

Host – Naveen Jindal School of Management, UT Dallas

Business school deans have stressful positions. Deans are held responsible for developing and delivering quality academic programs for prospective students, graduating top-notch students to fill industry needs, recruiting top researchers and teachers, growing solid and impressive reputations and not least, providing a strategic vision for their individual institutions. These important issues will be addressed in the annual Council of Texas Deans Meeting on October 27 & 28, 2013 when business school deans from throughout Texas convene to discuss, collaborate and network on these and other important topics.

The role of the dean has grown immensely in the last several decades and to understand what skills and expertise are necessary, two leading consultants from Korn Ferry International will discuss their white paper entitled The business school dean redefined: New leadership requirements from the front lines of change in academia. In their 2011 industry paper, they stated that “Indeed, the forces shaping business education have changed dramatically and quickly, and the shifts are rapidly redefining the dean leadership profile. ‘Think of some of the questions business schools are asking,’ suggests Daniel Levinthal, who chairs the management department and served on the most recent dean search committee at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. “Do we build a campus in India? How do we manage client programs in executive education? How do we persuade faculty to consider a particular curriculum innovation? . . . Business schools must innovate, refocus, and restructure, or risk falling behind their academic competitors. Just like private enterprise, they are undergoing a fundamental transformation in response to changing student “buyer” values, the Internet, globalization, shifting demographics, and unprecedented economic pressures.” This thought-provoking session will help deans reflect on where they can improve their profiles given the challenges in dean’s suite.

In addition to understanding the competencies required of today’s business school deans, deans also have to balance a rapidly changing competitive landscape. For Texas, that landscape includes Western Governors University where educational opportunities are expanding the market. Dr. Mark Milliron, WGU chancellor for Texas will address their market penetration strategy and discuss how they are responding to the students who are seeking a MOOC approach to starting and completing their academic degrees.

While building competencies, understanding the competitive landscape is critically important. Managing your institutional reputation can make or break all the efforts of a business school dean. John Byrne, former Bloomberg Business Week rankings editor and author/owner of Poets and Quants will discuss Business School Rankings and how they burden b-school deans. Learn how to think differently about the rankings and how to use them more strategically for achieving your school’s outcomes.

In addition to these topics, the conference will also give attention to the recent AACSB accreditation changes with key AACSB officials presenting key updates.

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