Institute of Business Language and Culture

Prepare to Succeed in the American Business World

The Institute of Business Language and Culture (IBLC) helps JSOM international students develop the fluency, poise and confidence to succeed in the American job market. IBLC participants complete one-semester of accent reduction, business language, and professional development curriculum through interactive and intensive training. As you learn new technical skills and earn an advanced degree at UT Dallas, remember the importance of developing your ability to communicate in culturally appropriate ways.

International students who take graduate classes at the Naveen Jindal School of Management are welcome to apply. Seating is limited to 25-30 students, and the $500 payment is due at the time of registration to ensure your seat. Classes follow the fall and spring academic calendar and meet twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Wednesday session meets from 10am-12pm at JSOM 12.402 and the Friday session meets for one-hour, time TBD, at the UTD Callier Center located at 811 Synergy Park Blvd.

The learning objectives for this program include:

  • Improve English communication and fluency through accent reduction
  • Increase business language acumen
  • Develop cross-cultural communication and business etiquette
  • Create a compelling resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile
  • Learn effective networking strategies and develop an elevator speech
  • Practice and implement successful behavioral interview strategies
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The IBLC program is $500 for the academic year. Textbook costs are estimated to be under $50. The cost of the program is nonrefundable and students are encouraged to consider the semester-long commitment before registering. Students will pay for the program through UTD Marketplace.

Students must complete an online registration. Once this has been accepted, students will pay for the program through UTD Marketplace. Instructions for payment will be given after the registration has been submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who will benefit from the Institute of Business Language and Culture program?

    JSOM international students who want to maximize their education investment. By improving one’s professional and language skills, students will be better prepared to succeed in the U.S. job market. Also, international students who take graduate classes at JSOM are welcome to apply.

  • Will students who complete IBLC receive academic credit for their efforts?

    The IBLC program does not provide academic credit. Students earn a certificate of completion for their successful participation in this program.

  • What are the IBLC requirements?

    JSOM Graduate Student
    Completed at least 1 semester
    Student organization involvement
    Minimum 3.3 GPA or above

  • What is the cost of attending this program?

    The IBLC program is $500 for one semester. Additional costs for textbooks and recommended readings are expected to be under $50. The cost of the program is nonrefundable and students are encouraged to consider the semester-long commitment before registering.

  • When will IBLC classes start?

    The IBLC program is offered during the fall and spring semesters and follows the academic calendar for class start and end dates. Students must commit to attending both class sessions on Wednesdays, 10am-12pm and Fridays, one-hour time TBD, for maximum development.

  • Where do the classes meet?

    The Wednesday class meets at JSOM 12.402. The Friday class meets at the UTD Callier Center located at 811 Synergy Park Blvd. Richardson, TX.

  • How do I Apply?

    Interested students can apply at []
    IBLC Group Facebook link


JSOM Coordinator

Neil Johnson
Assistant Director, JSOM Career Management Center
Office: (972) 883-6832

UTD Callier Center Coordinator

Karen Kaplan
Clinical Lecturer
Office: (972) 883-3653


Most UTD international students aspire to achieve the American dream and to be successful in the global job market. I am one of them. However, we are not sure whether we are capable of making our dream come true. IBLC offers outstanding professional resources for UTD international students to be competitive worldwide. Furthermore, I made great friends through this program. Every week we share with each other and grow together. I am really thankful that I joined IBLC!
Sharon Wang, May 2015 Graduate

The IBLC classes are highly interactive and the class facilitators ensure accountability for the program participants. The integrated resources and knowledge and professionalism of the professors can accelerate your career launch. Wherever you come from or whatever your background, this is a journey don’t want to miss. After finishing this program, you will be wowed by your improved communication and professionalism.
Ina Wu, May 2015 Graduate

Through IBLC you will be armed with the most up-to-date information directly obtained from employers and professionals. The information covered includes strategic resume writing, LinkedIn profile building, interview skills and professional networking. Also, you will have the opportunity to study and to work with your peers who have the will and potential to become future professionals. Invest your energy and time in IBLC and you will be rewarded with advanced job searching skills, self-confidence, and successful teammates.
William Li, December 2014 Graduate

Completing the IBLC program has been one of the best decisions I made at UTD. I learned so much from my peers and instructors, even more than I expected. In addition to the business-related skills, more importantly, IBLC taught me how to discover your talent at United States! Join us and enjoy!
Yao (Christina) Sun, May 2014 Graduate

IBLC improved my confidence and cultural knowledge, and also helped develop strong and longstanding friendships.
Meifang (Mickey) Zhang, May 2014 Graduate

I had a good experience in IBLC. I met with peers, established friendships, and enjoyed the instructors. IBLC is an incredible institution. I have learned language-related and job-related skills. I will always remember my experience in IBLC.
Yan (Stephanie) Huang, May 2014 Graduate

IBLC is a great program with rich business resource. The program has competent instructors qualified with professional business cultures and background, and introduced me to the real business world in the US. Actually, IBLC students have more face-to-face instruction and more chance to connect with professionals. It inspired me to be confident to find a good job, no matter in the US or in China.
Ling (Sally) Chen, May 2014 Graduate