Lothar Katz

Lothar Katz
Lecturer I, Executive Education
IMS 6365 Cross-Culture Communication and Management
OPRE 6374 Project Planning and Execution
OPRE 6372 Project Initiation
Lothar Katz is a management advisor and coach in the field of international business. The founder of cross-cultural consultancy Leadership Crossroads has helped numerous companies and other organizations, among them Akzo Nobel, EDS, Hewlett-Packard, L-3 Communications, Merck & Co., Pearson Publishing, Safran Group, and Texas Instruments, improve their management effectiveness and business results in the areas of international leadership, international negotiation, and international project management.A former Vice President and General Manager with Texas Instruments, a Fortune 200 company, Mr. Katz has led business organizations across four continents, interacting with employees, customers, partners, and third parties in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He also served on the board of a public company, as an advisor to several start-up businesses, as a panelist for the United States National Science Foundation, and as a long term executive board member of the DFW Asian American Citizens Council, which recognized him as "Member of the Year." He lives and works in Spain, Germany, and the USA.Mr. Katz’ book Negotiating International Business and excerpts from it are frequently being used by businesses world-wide, at more than 20 business schools across several countries, as well as by the United States Air Force Culture and Language Center and the U.S. Marine Corps’ Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning. His latest book, The Global Business Culture Guide, was published in 2014. He regularly teaches Cross-Cultural Management and International Project Management at the University of Texas at Dallas’ Jindal Naveen School of Management, as well as International Business at the Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business. In addition, Mr. Katz facilitated a variety of courses and guest lectures on international business subjects at business schools around the world, including the University of Washington, Lehigh University, the University of Texas (all U.S.), Sabancı Üniversitesi in Istanbul, Turkey, and Hochschule Bremen, Germany.In addition to his client and academic work, Mr. Katz frequently speaks at conferences and organizational meetings on a wide range of international business subjects.
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