Healthcare Leadership and Management for Physicians Certificate Program

The program was developed to provide practicing early to mid-career physicians the leadership, management and practice design knowledge and skills needed to compete effectively in a rapidly evolving healthcare delivery and financing environment.

Advantages of this alternative

  • Asynchronous online content delivery that allows students to select the time and place to study
  • Multiple learning resources including video, online access to articles and case studies, and active class participation through online threaded discussions with classmates and faculty
  • Innovative content that develops the personal awareness, competencies and skills physicians need to achieve a competitive advantage in the new environment of healthcare delivery and reimbursement
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues and program faculty that leverage the online learning community
  • Nationally recognized faculty who combine practical healthcare delivery experience and doctoral-level content expertise

The program provides physicians the knowledge and skills to transform their practice by adapting clinically relevant information technology, continuous improvement tools and tactics, and the capacity to improve care outcomes for individuals and groups of patients.

“This course has given me a solid foundation to embrace the upcoming changes and the ability to assess changes as they are made.”
–Program participant