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MS in MAS with Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching Concentration

The MS in MAS (Management and Administrative sciences) degree is designed to give students a foundation of management concepts and an in-depth specialization in Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching.


  • Focused set of required management courses that provide a strong business foundation for all students
  • Advanced education in your area of specialty
  • Convenient class scheduling with online classes and distance learning
  • The opportunity to participate with experienced professionals with a wide variety of business experiences
  • High value for the money; similar programs charge higher tuition

The goal of the program is to help students acquire principles and techniques needed to develop creative solutions in a changing business environment, contributing quickly to their professional and company success within their area of specialization.

Organizational Behavior

The concentration in Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching focuses on the description and explanation of how people behave in organizations. The courses close the gap between what is known about why individuals and groups behave as they do and how they can be influenced for performance and developmental purposes.

The curriculum includes executive and professional coaching theory and practices. Students learn coaching tools, techniques, models and how to become instruments of individual and group change and growth.

The courses draw upon many disciplines, including psychology, organizational theory, counseling, group process, and leadership theory. Students are expected to develop competence in management and master concepts and methods for analyzing and predicting individual, group and organizational behavior.

The curriculum is delivered online using advanced distance learning methodologies with both synchronous and asynchronous attendance. It offers flexibility and convenience for busy professionals.

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