Global Leadership Executive MBA (GLEMBA) International Trips

International Study Tour

The international study tour is an integral part of understanding global business from a professional and personal perspective. Students travel abroad and have the opportunity to meet and engage with high profile leaders from multinational enterprises as well as local government business organizations.

2014   Hong Kong and Beijing
2013   Budapest and Munich
2012   Beijing and Seoul
2011   Turkey and The UK
2010   Vietnam and Hong Kong
2009   Czech Republic and Bulgaria
2008   Brazil
2007   Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
2006   Chile and Argentina
2005   China
2004   Mexico
2003   Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic
2002   Poland and France
2001   Brazil
2000   Czech Republic and Germany
1999   Hong Kong and Singapore

International Retreat

The international retreat will be at a university in a location other than the international study tour. While the international study tour emphasizes company visits, the international retreat will emphasize international academics. You will have the opportunity to meet other Executive MBA students and possibly share a case study with them.

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