Bank Director Certification Program

Operating a solid community bank takes skill, dedication and effort. Looking back at the mistakes and bank failures of the past few years, many boards regret that they did not clearly understand the risks their management team assumed. In the wake of the economic crisis, directors have taken on more duties that require a greater technical understanding of the business of banking. And board involvement (and liability) will likely increase with the implementation of new regulations and requirements. Although the economy is slowly improving, the challenges community banks face are many. The work required to operate a profitable institution, in a safe and sound manner, is becoming increasingly difficult. Today’s CEOs and board members must ask this question: Is this the board our bank needs today and for the foreseeable future? Do they have the knowledge and the skills to perform their duties and help their banks stay competitive and prosper?

The Director’s Certification Program is designed with today’s community bank director in mind. Participants will learn fundamental duties and responsibilities, taking into account the myriad of challenges present in our constantly changing banking environment. Both new and more experienced directors are encouraged to attend. The program has been developed by The Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance (IECG). The IECG is a 10-year-old center whose mission is to enhance the abilities of corporate directors, senior management and institutional investors through ongoing education, awareness and accountability. Instructors have been chosen from an elite group of industry experts who will share their experience and knowledge in an informal, but dynamic classroom environment. For more information, contact:

Don Reavis, IECG Strategic Advisor
Tel (214)-679-7653

Sharon Zakes
Texas Bankers Association
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Dennis McCuistion, Executive Director IECG
Tel (972)-883-5967

Sharon Foster, Manager
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Bank Director Certification program
October 2-October 4, 2014

Texas Banking Commissioner Charles Cooper has confirmed he will be a key presenter at this certificate program.



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