Center for the Analysis of Property Rights and Innovation

The Center for the Analysis of Property Rights and Innovation (CAPRI) examines the role of property rights and the enhancement of innovation. Intellectual property is intended to promote innovation in expression and invention. Intellectual property is protected by copyrights and patents.

Technologies have threatened to upend the way these property rights work. Suggestions have been made that privately controlled property rights might not be a particularly efficient way to promote creativity in the era of digitization. Some say new and different business models are needed.

CAPRI is dedicated to learning more about these topics. While many of our researchers are based in the Jindal School of Management, many more are from disciplines across campus and throughout the nation.

The institutions and rules for operating in the digital realm have an important impact on productivity. It is important that we get things right. Fundamental to getting things rights is to have an informed understanding of the issues involved. The research supported by CAPRI is helping to lead to such understanding. CAPRI, through its research grants and working paper series, is making a mark on the intellectual landscape.

Stan Liebowitz
Ashbel Smith Professor of Managerial Economics

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