Center for Finance Strategy Innovation

Our Vision

The vision of the Center is to be an active, engaged partner to those developing and pursuing more productive and innovative uses of capital. Our activities are structured to be of value to faculty and students in the Naveen Jindal School of Management, to a wider community of investors, finance professionals, and corporations, and to the state of Texas.

We promote the adoption of corporate, government, and investment strategies that produce value. Appropriate choices are necessary as our society emerges from the deepest recession in seventy-five years and new priorities such as de-leveraging and globalization emerge. Companies are transforming or restructuring themselves, or perhaps, being turned around. Business innovation strategies are producing new methods of organizing activity and better uses of scarce capital. The search for entrepreneurial innovation and for value has intensified nationally and internationally. To these ends, we focus on education, outreach, and research programs.

We concentrate on activities and industry segments where corporate renewal, business innovation, long-run competitive advantage and sustainable growth models are widely recognized as prime drivers of investment worth and capital investment. This includes private equity and venture capital finance, public-private partnerships, corporate turnarounds and transformations, and corporate re-capitalizations and restructurings. In today’s world, competitive advantage and sustainable growth are the products of business innovation and better choices regarding use of capital. Improved strategies and better execution are both required.

Finance, too, is evolving. Markets for capital have become truly global. Financial institutions have transformed themselves. Parallel public and private markets for raising, governing, and managing capital have arisen. Sustainability, risk management, and corporate governance have developed into areas of major concern. At times, governments have become larger investors in the private sector. There is renewed interest in partnerships between public and private entities. All of this is relevant in the search for value.

Welcome to Center for Finance Strategy Innovation. We use differentiated programs of support for policy makers, applied research, corporate outreach, and graduate education to develop thought leadership. We promote professional capability in practitioners, graduate students and recent alumni. We are a bridge between the Jindal School of Management and its wider constituencies.

David Springate, PhD
Associate Professor, Finance and Managerial Economics
Director and Co-Founder, Center for Finance Strategy Innovation

(972) 883-2647
Office – JSOM 2.610

The Center focuses on education and research programs in areas crucial to today’s economy and today’s financial context. These areas include:

  • Corporate transformation
  • Restructuring and turnarounds
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Funding of innovation
  • Growth capital
  • Project finance
  • Business strategy
  • Business innovation
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Distressed assets

At its discretion, the Center will provide qualified advisors to help your corporation value itself or part of its operations. Such a valuation is of use when a corporation faces a merger or an acquisition, finds itself in a distressed situation, or simply wants to raise funds advantageously. Please let us know how we might help you. In addition to producing corporate benefits, you will be helping qualified graduate students exercise their skills in valuation.