Fast Track Programs

Fast Track programs are designed to permit undergraduate students enrolled at U.T. Dallas to begin work on the MBA or M.S. degrees before graduation. Qualified seniors may take graduate courses in Management that will apply toward the Bachelor of Science degree and also satisfy requirements for the Master’s degree. These courses will be selected from a list determined by the Jindal School of Management (JSOM). Download Fast-Track programs brochure.

Admission to Fast Track Program

  • JOSM students and students from other Schools at UT- Dallas can Fast Track into JSOM degrees as long as they meet the Fast Track admission requirements:
    1. Have completed at least 15 hours at UT Dallas
    2. Are within 30 hours of graduation
    3. Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.30
    4. Have completed all lower-level required courses
    5. Have completed OPRE 3360 (formerly BA 3360) or its equivalent and the MATH 1325 calculus requirement
  • Students in one major may choose to Fast Track into another major.

While in the Fast Track Program

  • For Fast Track courses to satisfy graduate degree requirements, a student must achieve grades of B or better in graduate coursework. A grade of B- (minus) does not satisfy the graduate requirement. The course will only count toward the undergraduate degree.*
  • Courses must be well chosen to satisfy the requirements of the BS and intended MS/MBA degree.
  • A student must maintain an undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least a 3.30.
  • Students can take the Fast Track courses as substitutes for major required courses, as guided and /or free electives.
  • The graduate course drop policy applies to all graduate courses. Students should consult the Academic Calendar for those dates.
  • Students enrolling in a Fast Track Program will be evaluated in the same manner as graduate students are in the graduate courses.
  • Credit for the Fast Track Program courses will accrue to the student’s undergraduate transcript.

Admission to Graduate Program

Successful completion of the undergraduate degree at UT Dallas as a member of the JSOM Fast Track Program while retaining the minimum cumulative GPA of 3.30 and completing OPRE 3360 (formerly BA 3360) or its equivalent and the MATH 1325 calculus requirement provides the opportunity for application and entry into the applicable graduate program in the JSOM without submitting a GMAT or GRE exam score.

Please Note:
  • Admission to a Fast Track Program does not guarantee admission to the graduate program.
  • Students are required to meet admission requirements of the MBA and MS programs, including the math requirement. (An application must be submitted online through
  • Students may delay for up to one year entering the graduate program and have their Fast Track courses count toward their degree.

* Students can also take graduate courses to reserve for only undergraduate or graduate degree use.

Fast Track options at JSOM are outlined on the back of this handout. Additional details of the programs are available from the JSOM Advising Office (SOM 2.250 or call 972-883-2275). Please see an advisor for course specifics.

Fast-Track Options

Fast Track BS and…

Brief MBA/MS Program description

Maximum credit hours
that will apply to the BS
and MBA/MS degree

MBA Master of Business Administration – 53 semester credit hours – Provides students with a broad managerial education drawing from all business disciplines.
MS ACCT Master of Science in Accounting – 36 semester credit hours – Primarily designed to permit students to meet the educational requirements of the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy to become Certified Public Accountants.
MS Business Analytics Master of Science in Business Analytics – 36 semester credit hours consisting of a set of core courses, and a set of analytics electives organized into different tracks. The core courses provide a broad foundation in the business analytics which covers statistics and econometrics, predictive analytics, decision and optimization (prescriptive) modeling, and data management. The elective courses covers big data analytics knowledge in a specific domain/industry. The specialization tracks that a student can choose from include Marketing Analytics, Decision and Operations Analytics, Financial Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, and IT for Analytics.
MS FIN Master of Science in Finance-36 semester credit hours – Offers three concentrations: Investments Management, Financial Analysis, and Financial Engineering & Risk Management. Students looking for more flexibility to design a program tailored to their needs can choose the Financial Management option instead.
MS HCMG Master of Science in Healthcare Management – 36 semester credit hours- Prepares industry leaders with a solid foundation in business analysis and decision-making, a thorough exposure to real-world healthcare management and rewarding professional development opportunities.
MS IE Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship -36 semester credit hours- prepares students for successful business careers in Entrepreneurial New Ventures, Entrepreneurial Finance (venture capital/private equity) or innovation-related roles in mature organizations (Product Planning, Product Marketing, Product Development, and more).
MS IMS Master of Science in International Management Studies – 36 semester credit hours- Provides students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of functional areas of management, international management, and cultural, sociopolitical and geographical constraints affecting international business decisions.
MS ITM Master of Science in Information Technology and Management – 36 semester credit hours- Provides an in-depth knowledge of the technology, and technology management issues. It also offers concentrations such as Enterprise Systems, Business Intelligence & Analytics, and IT Consulting.
MS MAS Master of Science in Management and Administrative Sciences – 36 semester credit hours – A flexible degree that allows students to design a program of study that fits their specific needs.
MS MKT Master of Science in Marketing -36 semester credit hours- Prepares students for higher level positions in marketing and/or allows them to further advance their marketing knowledge. It offers four specialized tracks: Advertising & Brand Management, Business Development, Digital Advertising & Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Management and Product Management. View our informational video.
MS SCM Master Science in Supply Chain Management – 36 semester credit hours – Teaches design and management of industrial supply chains, including how to improve operations and how to resolve key issues, SCM integrates supply-and–demand management within and across companies.