Professional MBA Degree Plan


The Naveen Jindal School of Management requires only one prerequisite for the Professional MBA program which is business calculus or its equivalent. Students who have not satisfied this requirement may be admitted but will need to satisfy the prerequisite within the first semester of UT Dallas class work, by taking OPRE 6303 (Quantitative Foundations of Business). An alternative option to satisfy the requirement would be to take Math 1325 at a local community college prior to starting the program. Degree credit is not earned for program prerequisites, although all grades earned in graduate courses impact the cumulative GPA.

Waivers of Core Courses

Waivers of program core requirements may be granted in recognition of previous coursework completed with a grade of “B” or better within the past six years in a specific business program area. This allows a student to skip a core course in their degree plan and take a higher-level course in the same academic area meeting the core requirement with no reduction in the program credit-hour requirements. Up to 12 hours of coursework from other universities may be used to waive core courses in the Professional MBA degree program.

Transfer of Graduate Credit Hours

Transfer credits may be granted for equivalent graduate coursework taken at other universities with a grade of “B” or better within the past six years. Up to 12 semester credit hours of coursework from other universities may be used to transfer credit to the Professional MBA degree program. The Full-Time MBA program only allows 6 elective semester credit hours to be transferred into its program.

Consult the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog for further details. Applications for approval of waivers and transfers may be obtained from and submitted to the JSOM Advising Office.

Business Core (29 credit hours)

Students must satisfactorily complete the following 29-hour basic core of 11 courses with a GPA of 3.0 or better.



ACCT 6201 Financial Accounting 2
ACCT 6202 Managerial Accounting 2
FIN 6301 Financial Management 3
MKT 6301 Introduction to Marketing Management 3
BPS 6310 Strategic Management 3
OB 6301 Introduction to Organizational Behavior 3
OPRE 6302 Operations Management 3
OPRE 6301 Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business 3
MECO 6303 Business Economics 3
MIS 6204 Information Technology and MIS Fundamentals 2
IMS 6204 Global Business 2
Total 29

Elective Credits (24 credit hours)

Students may choose any graduate course offered within the JSOM as an elective. Students cannot include more than 12 elective credit hours in any single functional academic area (indicated by the course prefix) with the exception of Healthcare Management, Real Estate and Innovation and Entrepreneurship, in which students may take up to 15 elective credit hours. For a complete list of JSOM courses, visit the graduate catalog.


Concentrations are a selected cluster of electives of 12 semester credit hours that help address a student’s interests and career goals. A concentration may be aligned with a certain functional area, such as finance or supply chain management or may cut across academic areas providing the student a broader approach to management. Students may choose up to two areas of concentration within the program’s 24 elective semester credit hours, but are not required to do a concentration to meet degree requirements.