Master of Science in Business Analytics

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS BA) degree requires a minimum of 36 semester credit hours, consisting of a set of core courses, and a set of analytics electives organized into different tracks. The core courses provide a broad and strong foundation in the business analytics area. The core covers statistics and econometrics, predictive modeling, decision and optimization (prescriptive) modeling, and data management. The analytics electives provide students with an opportunity to obtain in-depth analytics knowledge in a specific domain/industry. The specialization tracks that a student can choose from include Marketing Analytics, Decision and Operations Analytics, Financial Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, and IT for Analytics. Students can contact the advising office for the recommended courses for these tracks.

Students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in both core courses and in aggregate courses to qualify for the MS degree.

For information about this program, please contact Dr. Ravi Narayan

Core Courses: 24 semester credit hours from the following

  • MECO 6312 Applied Econometrics and Time Series Analysis (or) ECON 6306 Applied Econometrics
  • OPRE 6301 Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business
  • OPRE 6398 Prescriptive Analytics
  • MIS 6320 Database Foundations
  • MIS 6324 Business Intelligence Software and Techniques
  • MIS 6390 Analytics Practicum
  • MKT 6337 Predictive Marketing Analytics

and one of the following Track-Specific courses

  • FIN 6301 Financial Management
  • HMGT 6320 The American Healthcare System
  • MIS 6308 Systems Analysis and Project Management
  • MKT 6301 Marketing Management
  • OPRE 6302 Operations Management

Analytics Electives: 12 semester credit hours

Healthcare Analytics Track

  • HMGT 6323 Healthcare Informatics
  • HMGT 6334 Healthcare Analytics
  • HMGT 6327 Information and Knowledge Management in Healthcare
  • HMGT 6325 Healthcare Operations Management

Financial Analytics Track

  • FIN 6381 Introductory Mathematical Finance
  • FIN 6306 Quantitative Methods in Finance
  • FIN 6352 Financial Modeling
  • FIN 6382 Numeric Methods in Finance

IT For Analytics Track

  • MIS 6309 Business Data Warehousing
  • MIS 6334 Advanced Business Intelligence with SAS
  • MIS 6344 Web Analytics
  • MIS 6354 Social Media and Business

Marketing Analytics track

  • MIS 6338 Advanced ERP: Customer Relationship Management
  • MKT 6323 Database Marketing
  • MKT 6309 Marketing Research
  • MKT 6365 Marketing Digital Applications

Decisions and Operations Analytics Track

  • OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics
  • OPRE 6335 Risk and Decision Analysis
  • OPRE 6377 Demand and Revenue Management
  • OPRE 6378 Information Enabled Supply Chains

Other Analytics-related courses can be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Texas residency is not based on citizenship. It is based on when you moved to the state and how long you have continuously resided here. Please visit Residency for detailed information.

Tuition at UT Dallas is on a sliding scale. The more semester credit hours you take a semester, the cheaper the semester credit hours are, and the sooner you finish the degree, therefore, the lower the total cost of the degree. Students taking online courses will pay $80 per semester credit hour distance learning fee in addition to regular semester credit hour fees.

UT Dallas also offers a guaranteed tuition plan, so whatever the semester credit hour rate is when you come into your program that will not change during your program. Payment plans for tuition and short-term loans are available. Please visit UT Dallas Bursar’s Office for more information.

Estimated Tuition and Program Duration
(Texas Residents)

Credit-Hours Per Semester

Tuition Per Semester (Estimated)

Program Total Tuition

Program Length
(Including Summer)

2 Years
1.5 Years
1 Year

Estimated Tuition and Program Duration

Credit-Hours Per Semester

Tuition Per Semester (Estimated)

Program Total Tuition

Program Length
(Including Summer)

1.5 Years
1 Year


We offer the Dean’s Excellence Scholarship program for new and returning students.This is our primary means of supporting our graduate students financially. This is a competitive scholarship program and the main criterion for new students joining the program is based on high GMAT or GRE score and GPA.

The scholarship provides you with $1,000 (one-time for the year) and in-state-tuition for the entire year. This means that international students will pay the same tuition as our Texas resident/US citizens. So, we encourage you to apply for the Dean’s Excellence Scholarship.

In addition to scholarships, US citizens may apply for financial aid through the UT Dallas Financial Aid Office.