Bachelor of Science in Global Business

The Bachelor of Science degree in Global Business (BS in GB) program caters to students who seek to focus their business study on the global dimensions of business. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills required for succeeding as a global manager while developing an understanding of the cultural, political and regulatory environments that shape international business and trade.

Students on completing this degree will learn necessary skills to understand:

  • International business environments and financial markets
  • Cross-cultural communication and negotiation
  • International human resources management

International Exposure

Students can enhance their knowledge of international business operations in foreign environments by participating in a faculty-led foreign study-trip, area study seminars and semester-long exchange programs.


The Global Business degree is an excellent choice for students looking for a career in management, government institutions, and international agencies. Global business graduates begin their careers in the domestic operations of an organization. Overseas assignments come after a few years with the organization, although such opportunities may arise earlier if the student possesses special skills, such as knowledge of a foreign language, needed by the organization in its foreign operations.

Embracing Opportunity through Global Career

The BS in Global Business (GB) helps students understand how businesses operate in global markets and how nations, firms and individual citizens are interdependent with one another. The GB degree program while providing students the requited basic academic business management courses, it helps students to have exposure to foreign cultures and familiarize themselves with international business environments through various foreign study trips, study abroad programs and foreign language requirements. Global Business graduate students are expected to have the necessary skills to manage business locally and internationally.

GB grads help business organizations and institutions acquire the art of negotiation and communication skills in a global business environment. As firms and jobs in search of cost comparative advantage and entry to new markets, cross borders, GB grads become attractive for foreign assignments and internships.

Habte Woldu, PhD
Director, International Management Studies

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A double major is offered in conjunction with Global Business degree program for students wanting to create a competitive advantage as they enter the job market.

Global Business + Accounting

The double degree of Global Business and Accounting will develop professionals who understand the role of information in organizations and financial markets, have the necessary skills to integrate financial analysis and information technology, and possess analytical and management skills in global firms.

Global Business + Finance

Students with a double degree in Global Business and Finance will have a competitive advantage when seeking financial positions. Students will have an understanding of various policies and practices of companies involved in multinational operations along with exposure to Investment practices and capital budgeting for global firms.

Global Business + Information Systems

The double degree of Global Business and Management Information Systems will prepare future Information Technology (IT) leaders for challenging and rewarding careers as enterprise systems professionals, information security analysts, healthcare technology professionals and IT consultants while working for global firms.

Global Business + Marketing

Students with a double major of Global Business and Marketing will have a strong understanding of the fundamentals and evolution of international marketing, the environment of international marketing, foreign entry methods, evaluation of market potential, management of international marketing mix, consumer behavior and international strategic marketing planning.