Information Systems and Operations Management

Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) programs allows students to customize and supplement their general business degree with courses from information systems or operations management. ISOM bridges the gap between technologies and business through high-quality research and disseminates knowledge through relevant academic programs.

ISOM is also home to several research centers and student groups including:

Management Information Systems

Students enrolled in the Management Information Systems (MIS) degree gain knowledge, skills and expertise needed to conduct systems analysis and design effective information technology solutions to satisfy evolving business needs. The MIS area offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs that focus on:

  • General business and information technology
  • Technical and managerial aspects of information technology
  • Information technology strategy and policy
  • Information technology applications to business problems, creating efficient and effective solutions

Operations/Supply Chain Management

Students enrolled in the Operations/Supply Chain Management programs learn to manage and improve the efficiency and productivity of business operations. Operations Management offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.