Aidin Tajzadeh Namin

Management Science, Marketing Concentration
MBA, Sharif University of Technology, 2010
BS, Sharif University of Technology, 2006
Research Interest
Choice Models, Seasonal Goods, Product Availability, Price Markdowns
Research Papers
Tajzadeh Namin, Aidin and Moghaddar, Akbar (2013) The Impact of Brand Extension on New Product from Customers’ Perspective. International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences. 5(6): 789-800

An Empirical Investigation of Price Markdown Policies for Fashion Goods, With Brian Ratchford, Gonca Soysal and Elisabeth Honka

An Empirical Analysis of Demand Variations and Markdown Policies for a Fashion Retailer, With Brian Ratchford and Gonca Soysal

Determinants of Consumer’s Choice of Durable Goods: An Investigation of Car Industry, With Brian Ratchford
Brian T. Ratchford