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IMS PhD Degree Plan

The International Management Studies (IMS) PhD curriculum includes a business foundation, core courses, advanced seminars, a methodology requirement, directed readings, independent research courses and a dissertation. All students must take the PhD courses that are offered in each of the first two years in the program.

Students must pass the comprehensive qualifying examination, which is administered at the end of the second year of study after all the relevant course requirements have been satisfied. It is intended to assess the student’s mastery of the basic theories and methodologies central to the program and evaluate the student’s potential to do original research in an area of specialization. After passing the comprehensive exam, each student writes a dissertation proposal, which must be completed within six months of the comprehensive exam. The proposal is defended before a faculty committee appointed in consultation with the student, dissertation chair and PhD advisor. This committee also serves as the supervising committee for the dissertation after the proposal is approved.

Curriculum (minimum of 90 hours)

Business Foundation Courses (minimum of 12 hours)

These courses provide a foundation in basic business topics such as economics, marketing, finance and accounting. These courses may be waived for students with master’s degrees in management or other academic backgrounds that provide an equivalent foundation.

PhD Core Courses (18 hours)*

Advanced Seminars (9 hours)*

Advanced seminars are offered on topics in organization theory, organizational behavior, strategic management and international management. These courses provide an opportunity for students to explore areas of study in greater depth, develop short-term research projects and develop working relationships with faculty members with a view toward research publications and a dissertation.

Research Methods (15 hours)*

*Students are encouraged to take additional methods courses consistent with their PhD research interests.

**Students desiring a methods sequence with a greater emphasis on mathematical statistics may substitute OPRE 6330 or STAT 5351, STAT 5352 and MECO 6320 for these three courses.

Directed readings and independent research courses (21 hours)

Students may take further courses with selected faculty members to develop more specialized knowledge in their areas of research interest before and after the comprehensive exam.

Dissertation (minimum of 15 hours)

The PhD degree is conferred after the dissertation is successfully defended.