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PhD Student Funding

PhD Student Funding

The PhD Program provides funding to qualified doctoral students and generally guarantees four years of support based on academic performance. Students making satisfactory progress normally receive a full tuition & fee waiver (students are responsible for a small amount of non-academic fees) and funding in the form of a teaching assistantship or scholarship. The PhD Program announces the assistantship and scholarship awards at the time of admission decisions. PhD students are also provided a research budget for presenting their work at premier conferences.

  • Stipends & Benefits
  • Eugene McDermott Fellows
  • Scholarships
  • Conference Funding
  • PhD Grants Program

Doctoral stipends are awarded in the form of a Teaching or Research Assistantship. Teaching Assistants (TAs) are employed a maximum of 20 hours per week to help meet the instructional needs of the University. Research Assistants (RAs) are employed a maximum of 20 hours per week to assist the research efforts of the faculty in a capacity that relates to the student’s educational goals.

Every PhD student receiving an assistantship will be eligible for a year-long research fellowship for four semesters (summer, fall, spring, summer). The goal of the fellowship is to help PhD students initiate their research activities early in the program. Students choose a faculty advisor and develop a quality research paper to be presented at the end of the fellowship year.

The starting yearly stipend for full-time doctoral students is $28,800 (over 12 months). Typically, students awarded assistantships receive a full tuition waiver upon approval of their advisors.

Students awarded assistantships are also eligible for part-time employee benefits. UT Dallas offers a dynamic and flexible package of valuable programs.

Assistantship awards are announced at the time of admission decisions.

Students applying for admission will be automatically considered for the Eugene McDermott Graduate Fellows program, which provides generous financial support as a research assistant for 4-5 years. Details can be found at the Eugene McDermott Graduate Fellows website.

Exceptional applicants will be considered for the Eugene McDermott Graduate Fellows Program. Applicants selected for the program are awarded fellowships as Research Assistants (RA) and receive annually:

  • 12-month stipend of $36,000
  • Health insurance
  • Tuition & fees
  • Discretionary budget of $10,000
  • Professional development activities and enrichment opportunities

The award is for 4 years (5th year as needed).15 of the most talented applicants to doctoral programs at UT Dallas will be named fellows. There is no separate application for the program; applicants will be automatically considered during admissions. Details can be found at the Eugene McDermott Graduate Fellows website.

A few competitive merit-based scholarships of $1,000 are available for full-time doctoral students who are not awarded stipends. These scholarships also award recipients the Texas-resident tuition rate for the entire academic year (which typically leads to a savings of approximately $10,000 per year).

Scholarships awards are announced at the time of admission decisions.

The Jindal School of Management provides funds to assist doctoral students traveling to professional meetings and conferences to present their research. These funds may be used for conference registration fees, travel, lodging, or other expenses related directly to presentation or participation.

The Office of Research has designed a PhD Small Grants Program to assist PhD students at UT Dallas with dissertation-based research and travel expenses by offering supplemental financial support on a competitive basis. This funding is in addition to that given by the Jindal School of Management.