Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management (BS HRM) at the Naveen Jindal School of Management is a 120 semester credit-hour degree program that prepares you for a career in human resources — a field that supports the all-important people side of business — by giving you a solid business core with specialized training in HR.

People are at the heart of every organization. Leaders confirm this and share that HR is probably the most difficult area in the organization to “get right.” Yet when they do, organizations grow and prosper, and so do employees, customers and communities. Enroll in this HRM program and you will emerge well-positioned to secure important positions enabling you to lead HR efforts and assist in growing the organization.

You will prepare for careers as compensation, benefits and job analysis specialists, HR managers and consultants, labor-relations specialists, training and development mangers, onboarding specialists, recruiters and employee-relations specialists. Human resource professionals serve a variety of functions in most modern organizations including workforce planning, performance management, organizational change management and HR analytics. Job opportunities abound in for-profit and nonprofit companies, and in consulting firms as well.

Dallas is a strategic headquarters’ choice for many organizations with tremendous future growth projected. This produces a high demand for graduates trained in human resource management.

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Connect with the Director

Hello! Human resource management is an exciting field focused on people in the workplace. As an HR professional, your role will be to help them and their companies work more efficiently and effectively together to achieve greater personal satisfaction and business success. Successful HR executives combine strong business acumen, analytical skills and HRM knowledge.

To better understand what our HRM program provides and how it will make you a highly qualified professional, please schedule a visit with me. I look forward to providing details to you and your family.

Jeff Weekley Director
BS in Human Resource Management

Degree Plan

For the latest information about Academic Degree Plans, Course Catalogs and Course Information please visit the BS in Human Resource Management page of the UT Dallas JSOM Undergraduate Catalog.

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Careers in HRM

There are about 27,000 HR jobs in Dallas, but that number in both the city and the state is growing — creating almost 3,500 new HR openings per year. A search of available HR job openings in January 2016 showed that a bachelor’s degree in human resources or related field was required or preferred for 78 percent of the openings. The Naveen Jindal School of Management offers the only HRM degree program in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

A “typical” career in HR will see you starting in an individual contributor’s role, such as compensation analyst, recruiter, training coordinator or employee relations specialist. A lateral move into another individual contributor’s role to gain more experience, is often followed by a promotion into an HR manager’s role.

From there, leading a major HR function would be a normal next step. You might become the , director of talent acquisition, director of training and organization development, or director of compensation and benefits. A rotation through another function might proceed advancement into the chief human resource officer’s (CHRO) role. CHROs are part of the executive team and play the critical role of guiding the company’s HR strategy.

Student Involvement

SHRM student leaders

Our student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a proactive group working to expand access to information about careers in human resource management. This group earned a Student Chapter Superior Merit Award from the national SHRM organization for its outstanding 2015-2016 programs and activities. In addition to sponsoring networking events, speakers, site visits and other HR-related activities, SHRM is active in community service initiatives. Learn more about SHRM at its website.

Advisory Board

  • Terry Cooley, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Education Futures Group
  • Jim Dunn, Executive Vice President and Chief Talent Officer, Parkland Health and Hospital System
  • Sam Dwinell, Vice President – Global Talent Management, Texas Instruments
  • Julie Weber, Vice President of People, Southwest Airlines
  • Angelia Pelham, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, Cinemark Holdings Inc.
  • Leigh Robinson, Vice President of Human Resources, Lennox International
  • Sherry Vidal-Brown, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, G6 Hospitality