Student Corner

With clear thinking, I help leaders in situations of importance.

Ever heard of Marketing Ball?  How do you get yourself to first base with a potential client, then second, third and home?  You get to first base with one simple sentence about the solutions you offer.  If the client is interested, they will ask a second question. Something like: “Really?  How do you do that?”  And you are now on second base! 

I am an internal coach and as such I have the potential of a client pool. But potential does not equate with confirmed clients without some internal marketing.  It’s not quite the same as external marketing, but building an internal coaching practice is challenging in its own way.   Internal coaches must know who they are and what they do.  Internal coaches need a vision just as much as external coaches.   My vision is my ‘first base hit.’  This is what I do – with clear thinking, I help leaders in situations of importance.  And I thought I knew how to do that fairly well.  I have been an internal coach for 5 years, certified through another organization.  I have been comfortable with my coaching process, have a list of ‘satisfied clients’ and am a true believer in the value coaching brings to an organization.  But I was keen to learn more.  To push myself beyond what I have traditionally done.  UTD appealed to me for a variety of reasons – most of which were logistics. They were totally on-line.  They had classes in the evening.  The course was covered in a reasonable amount of time.  The faculty brought strong credentials to the program. 

What I have found, now that I am approximately half way through, is that my reasons for staying go far beyond the logistics.  Every week I learn something new – about coaching, about me.  I continue to stretch my coaching muscles and while I have to admit that at times they feel a little sore, my clients are the beneficiaries of my workouts.  I am building new skills in questioning and listening.  I’ve broadened my knowledge of the theory of coaching as well as the implementation of a good ‘coaching practices.’ I know more about myself, where my own strengths and weaknesses can impact my coaching.  And I have been exposed to such a wide variety of coaches through my classmates that I am constantly challenged to see the process through their eyes – from their perspectives.  Has my vision changed?  No. Actually my experience through UTD has affirmed the ‘rightness’ of my vision for my own coaching practice.  But I believe I am better prepared now, when someone asks me “Really? How do you do that?” to get all the way around the bases!

Judith HenryJudith Henry has an extensive background in Organizational Development. In both internal and external capacities, she has supported leaders in their personal and professional growth through coaching, consulting and training. Her passion for seeing leaders find their true strengths keeps her own desire to learn more about coaching and consulting alive and vibrant. She is a Cohort 9B student in the UT Dallas Executive and Professional Coaching Program.